Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Gold Stars

I'm off work now, but it feels like it's non-stop appointments now.
Today was the first non-stress test for me and the boys. They apparently flew through it with 2 gold stars!!! Their heartbeats were perfect and went up and down during/after movement. She said they were perfect. One tiny tightening of the uterus towards the end, not even enough to be braxton hicks. Next one is next week.
U/S last Thursday also went well. Boys are growing, really growing. They estimate A is over 5lbs now. Both still have big bellies. B is so high up, under my ribs its hard to get really good head measurements. Really hard to get good 'pictures'. She thinks they both have hair too. I really can't wait to meet them.
Yesterday, I had the first autologous blood donation (storing my own blood, just in case). I bled at the right rate. And for a few hours after, had normal blood pressure. I used to give blood all the time, but this is so much nicer. Its in a private room, just me and the nurse. I had a TV. They use an IV with saline because of course pregnant women cant get dehydrated. And more, they numb the area before the needle goes in. I felt nothing. Of course with GD, no juice and cookies for me after. I did have an ensure though (they are better than they used to be). Next one is next week.
Saw the OB today. My regular Dr was off, so I saw a fill in. It went well. Not much to worry about because it was only a few hours after the NST. I'm measuring 45 weeks. Uh yeah.
So, its business as usual. I'm to spend as much time as possible sitting and lying down. That's easy. I tire very easily and sleep lots (drool city).
So all seems well with me and the boys. Still no crib. I specifically picked one in stock that could be delivered that week (April 27th). They moved it from the Monday to the Wednesday. Then on Wednesday morning they called to say the crib wasnt at the dock when the picked it up, but would call to reschedule. No call. I called yesterday and apparently no one has done anything. So now a trace is put on it, she thinks they are out of stock. No call back yet. I'll be calling again tomorrow. There were more than 3 in stock when I paid for it. It wasnt my first or even second choice, but it was in stock and was a good one. Now they are saying it might be July. Um, no. Not going to happen. I have a pack and play that they can use for few weeks if necessary, but they had better fix this. I can guarentee that when it comes time to get a second crib, it will not be from s.ears if they don't fix it this week.
Okay, off my soap box now.
Updated giant belly shot soon. I promise.


Anonymous said...

ToyRUS had a recall on one of their cribs don't know if that is where you ordered it or not but if so they could just be shooting you the bull.
Glad everything is going so well and just think 3 weeks from today and it will be all over and you will be able to see and hopefully hold the boys right away.
Love U

Anonymous said...

My crib is not recalled. And it was at Sears anyway. Someone who likely wanted a commission dropped the ball.

R said...

Awwwww... little ones! HELLOOO!! :) Glad to see them and meet them and see their little cute faces when they come :)

K J and the kids said...

5lbs is AWESOME. You're going to have such big healthy babies.
I can't wait to see the belly shots.