Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Some doctors have called me a freak of nature in the past (trust me, it fits). Currently they are willing to say I'm an enigma. So far, babies are still in. I'm still spilling protein at a high level. My BP is still high, although after more than a week in a bed, its not at the 'alarms ringing' level, or well, each time I get a new nurse they think is alarm ringing until they check. But my blood work remains constant (so far). Apparently it makes no sense, but I'll take it. I still function on a day to day level. They do a series of blood and urine tests daily and make a decision to keep going or not. I also had another 24 hour urine collection. I haven't heard the results, but again, no one has run in with a magnesium drip, so I'll guess it was not much different than the first.

I'm still hoping to make it to my original date, a week from now. I may or may not. Depending on which doctor I see, my odds range from 0 to very good to make it.

Being in bed for a week has reduced the swelling in my feet. My right is almost normal, the left still has a way to go, but can be recognized as a foot again. I'll attach some before and after bedrest feet pictures, along with a current belly shot.

I had an u/s yesterday. As usual, the boys are doing perfect and would be very happy to stay put. They are both growing. I know the estimates are +/- a pound or more, but A is about 6.4lbs and B is 5.7lbs. If accurate, this makes both of them bigger than the twin boys born today at 36 weeks (bigger one was 5.2lbs). But at 36 weeks, they are more developed, even if smaller than my boys. I'm aiming for 35 weeks and hoping for the best. I'm as ready emotionally as I can be if they want to take them earlier, I think.
Bored most of the time, but more than willing to stick it out for the next week. As of tomorrow, I'm going to be having twin Gemini. I think its appropriate for the sign to have twins.


K J and the kids said...

You poor thing. I looked at those pictures and dove under my desk. I was having some post tramatic stress :)
I remember that belly and those swollen feet AAALLL too well.

You are doing SUCH A GREAT JOB growing those babies!!!
Every day gives them a better chance in our world. Keep up the good work. 1 more week...shoot that's easy :)

Anonymous said...

Good job, girl! It must be nice to have some of the swelling down. Not much longer now... hang in there!!!