Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let them eat cake (or not)

My boys are 1!!! I really cant believe how the time has flown.

As with most kids, they had their first taste of cake on their birthday. They had decidedly different reactions....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not our best side

Some of our less than finest moments....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye Candy

A few recent pictures to get you started off.
"He did it."

Contemplating Stick
Eating Stick

Bad news. I'm almost back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know, for most people this is a good thing, but not me. I wasn't at my highest when I got pregnant with the boys, but I wasn't that far off. Because I had no cravings for fried, salty or sweet food while I was pregnant, I ate for the sake of eating. I gained about 25 lbs total and at birth lost about 45. I admit some of that was blood loss and came back fairly quickly. But the rest, well, I've put it back on over the last year by eating stuff I shouldn't far too often. I made sure I kept little to no junk at home, but there were lots of outings with other mommies that included coffee shops and sweets.
Now that I'm back at work, I'm hoping to start to get back on track. Of course, my office is right next to the kitchen which doesn't help. I smell food wafting out every time someone opens the door. Along with the vending machine, I work downtown and everything is close by. Sigh. Will power it is. My first week back, I know I ate non-stop. It was all nerves and stress from leaving the boys. I've got that a bit better under control.
But, I'm exercising less now that I'm working.  Yeah, there is the work walk, but I used to walk so much more every day, and that was pushing a stroller with fairly hefty twins in it, add the lifting and playing and I was getting a pretty good workout. I will have to break out the wii fit to play in the evening when the boys are sleeping. Sigh.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The latest info

I'm not sure who still reads the blog. I admit I dont post as often as I should.

Can you believe it, I’m back to work fulltime now. It’s a mixed bag of emotions. I really like my job, my boss, my coworkers, and I love making more than $400 a week (still waiting on my first paycheck).

But I HATE being away from my boys all day. Especially since those are their most waking hours out of the 24. I miss taking them to playgroups and watching how they play with other kids. I can still take them to parks on the weekend, but that makes me more dependent on the weather (there is usually one nice day out of 7, but not always one out of 2). I notice every day how much they’ve changed in one day, both physically and developmentally. I miss seeing the evolution first hand.

Since I still haven’t won the lottery, it’s necessary. One mom in my twins group was appalled that I was going back to work. She said “I’m not going back to work. I always knew having kids would mean being poorer”. Um, yeah. But her husband is still working with a 6 figure salary. If I didn’t work, I would earn, oh lets see, 0 a year. Hard to support a family that way. And really, did I need more guilt?

Happily, the boys are fully adjusted. I lucked out and found an amazing nanny for a great rate (and I keep my fingers crossed she doesn’t get a better offer somewhere else). The boys are very excited to see her every morning (more excited than they are to see me when I get home from work, but I’m not too jealous – or at least trying not to be). She takes them to the playgroups 3 times a week. She takes them on walks and to play at the park and the beach (I haven’t take them to the beach yet, the weather only warmed up enough after I went back to work last week). And she cleans. And I mean cleans. The boys are still on a great nap schedule, and it seems she can’t sit still. So when they are asleep, she cleans and organizes. It’s the middle of the second week and she’s running out of things to do. The place was fairly organized already, so its little things (like their books are now arranged by size - seriously). She’s even cleaned the patio furniture. Oh, and she does laundry too. This all helps because when I get home at the end of the day, I usually only making dinner to take away from my (awake) time with the boys.

They are going to be 1 in just 2 weeks. Wow. Last year this time, I was in the hospital, not sure how it would play out, if they would be born safely, healthy or even alive. Now they are healthy, active little boys. They have their next checkup at in a few weeks, but so far, they remain at the top (Corwyn) or above (Nathan) for height. They are in the 70-75% for weight, making them long and lean. Nathan is more stalky than Corwyn, who is a bit of a beanpole.

Nathan has a ton of hair. It’s long and fly away. But until I know that he can hold still there will be no haircut since scissors around his head could be dangerous. Corwyn’s hair is finally coming in. He had a Mohawk for the longest time. Its still to short to know for sure, but it looks like it will be the same color as Nathan, or perhaps a tiny bit lighter. Corwyn’s eyes are blue, blue blue with the most amazing lashes every. Nathan’s sometimes look like they are turning greenish, sometimes not. But the blue is deeper.

Both have 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on the bottom. Nathan’s seem to come one then the other within days, while Corwyn’s come two at a time. Nathan doesn’t have any pain symptom with his teeth, but Corwyn is more, um, sensitive.

Nathan has been crawling for about 4 months. He started commando crawling and still prefers it (he can carry something in both hands that way) although he’ll do the hands and knees crawl too. It took him almost 3 months before the standard crawl followed his first forward motions. Corwyn only started crawling a couple of weeks ago, also commando, but he learnt the hands and knee version a couple of days later. Like Nathan, he prefers commando though.

The love to be standing (with support) but aren’t great at pulling themselves up (yet). Both boys will walk if you hold their hands (with them so tall and me so short, I don’t even have to lean down). Nathan is blah about walking. Corwyn loves it. He will walk for blocks if you hold his hands. He can also walk unassisted with the push walker (until he tries to go backwards, falls and pulls the walker over himself). I’m really not sure who will walk first. If its by determination, it will be Corwyn, if it’s by strength, it will be Nathan.

Pre-mobility, based on size and their personalities, people would put Corwyn as the poet and Nathan as the jock. Nathan was desperate to move, hence why he crawled so much sooner than Corwyn who couldn’t care about moving. Corwyn would sit and study everything and every one. They are still like that, but their activity interest is a bit opposite. Both play with all their toys, but have favorites. Nathan loves books, shape sorters and building blocks. He carries stuffed animals with him and talks to them. Corwyn loves balls and cars. He will play with blocks by knocking them down, but has no interest in building. He’ll look at books, but loses interest fast. Nathan will turn the pages and “read”. He loves touch and feel books. I don’t push or discourage anything. They will develop and change at their own space and directions. Its wonderful to watch and love each discovery.

That’s it for now for an update. I’ll post more soon, and of course new pictures.