Tuesday, September 28, 2010

16 Months

Seriously, where does the time go? Wow.

This weekend, both boys made HUGE progress in eating with spoons. It was so wonderful (and messy) to watch. I still need to stuff their faces in between, but it's a really good start.

Both are cutting molars. Nathan's had 2 with assorted points break through, although the crown part is still to come. Corwyn looks like he has large lumps where they are coming in and is on a serious drool fest. This will make chewing easier for both of them.

I appreciate the suggestions for a new blog name. I'd keep the address (its easier that way). So far, I'm leaning towards "And mommy makes 3" since this is now mostly about them and I'm just along for the ride. What do you think?

And now for the eye candy.

This is Corwyn's "OOOOOOO" face. He makes the sweetest sound and purses his lips like this. It's rare to photograph. Nathan is being Nathan and smiling in enjoyment (my little thrill seeker).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bikes, an afternoon at the park and a request

So I'll do it in the opposit order as the title.
I don't think my blog name fits the content anymore. It started while fighting infertility and struggling to have a family. I have one now. And while, I would LOVE to have more kids, its unlikely to happen. The blog has turned into the sharing of the boys life. It needs a new name. I am totally stuck. Help! Any idea welcome (but dont be offended if I dont use it).

We got a trike from a yard sale for a whopping $10. Its great, because along with being a trike, it has a parental handle that can push and steer. Right now, they cant quite reach the pedals, but are getting closer. There are also foot rests, just for that purpose.
Then, I got a bike from pampers rewards. Its a Radio Flyer bike that can grow with them in size. They can almost reach the pedals in the shortest position. Soon I think.
Now we just need helmets. The bikes are after the park pictures.

An afternoon at the park