Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a picture is worth 265 hcg. Taken this morning, a couple of hours before going in for my blood hcg that came back this afternoon at 265.

So yes, dear blog readers it looks like I might have done it this time. I’m sorry for being a bit vague a couple of days ago when I posted about testing early. The test actually showed a faint line. I nearly fainted. Since I had never seen a line before I was stunned. I have never seen a line in either a hpt or opk. I’ve held them to light and looked at them under microscopes but no line. Until this time. And while it was faint, it was there. The camera did not capture it well, but trust me, there is a line. (Follow the links to see the older pee sticks) http://members.shaw.ca/homedoll/5dp5dt.jpg

Because I was still in disbelief, but wanting to save my other FR test for the next morning, I went to the Tesco and bought a cheap-o test (under $3), hoping I could figure out enough of the Czech to know what to do (what’s there to do, pee on a stick and check for lines). It was another faint line, but it was also mid-afternoon 5dp5dt.

The next day, the line was still faint, but definitely darker. I felt a bit elated heading home on the plane. But of course, worried and concerned. http://members.shaw.ca/homedoll/6dp5dt.jpg

So then, 1 week after the transfer, I got a line dark enough to start to feel a bit confident. Actually, I did two. In part because I wanted to try a different brand, and in part because I originally woke up at 1:30 (jet lag and pee need) and then another at a normal wake-up time of 6am

After some board encouragement, I decided not to wait until the 14 days after transfer for my beta, besides I was getting very nervous and wanted confirmation. So, I took another test around dinner time (I told you I was addicted) and the line was as dark as a dark line can be. No need for a picture. It looked a lot like the one in the morning.

This morning, before going to the lab for blood work, I pulled out the CB Digital. I had been saving this one, hoping to have used it last cycle, hoping to be able to use it before it expired in 2009. I peed. It said results normally within 3 minutes. Less than 60 seconds later, it said “pregnant”/”Enceinte”. (hmmm too bad I couldn't find one with the Czech word for pregnant)

So then I spent the rest of the day, waiting for the doctor to call. Trying to focus on work. Eventually, I moved into a meeting room so I could call the Dr in private. They couldn’t find the results, so I had to wait while they called the lab. But it was so worth the wait.

So what next? Beta 2 is going to be on Thursday. For the few out there not immersed in TTC terminology, a beta value should double in 48-72 hours. So for me this means that on Thursday, my number should be no less than 425, hopefully more than 530. My progesterone and estrogen levels will also be checked. Since this was a donor cycle, my hormones were blocked and are now be artificially maintained.

Then I’ll see my Dr early next week for my first prenatal exam. We’ll probably do another beta after that, just to see (more on why in a bit).

Then likely nothing until week 7 (after Nov 11) when I can go for an U/S that would show the heartbeat and count the number of growing fetus’. Yes, count the number. While there could be only one, the beta value I have now is quite high for a singleton. From a beta database, the average hcg for a singleton where I am, which is the equivalent of 13dpo is 68. Mine is just a teeny-tiny bit higher. For twins the average is 120 and for…gulp….triplets+ it’s 184. I have 265. Now that is just an average and there are upper end values near mine in singletons (not many, but some).

I’m happy, stunned and shocked. No matter how many little ones are growing in me, I want a safe pregnancy and I want them to be born healthy. That’s a long way away. Right now, I’m 4w0d. If there is just one, the estimated due date is July 1st/June 30th. If there are multiples, then it would be earlier (probably by June 10). I read somewhere once that more twins were born under the sign of Gemini, than any other astrological sign. I’m a Gemini – we are very compatible with other Gemini.

Twins. Oh God. So I’m on a serious budget now. I was going to have to some major budgeting with one, but with the chance of more than one, I’m looking at possible bed rest and an early delivery, not to mention a few more expenses early on and double the day care when I go back to work and eventually moving to a bigger place. So, no discretionary income anymore. I have a few things I’ve committed to in the next couple of months that I’ll follow through, but that is it. Nothing more. And I have to downsize the clutter. Big time down sizing.

For those who know me IRL, this information is still totally confidential. I don’t know when I’ll tell ‘people’. The rate of MC right now is very high. It goes down a bit after seeing the heartbeats, but most people put a marker in after the first trimester, after week 13. Depending on which calculator I use, this is Dec 13 or Dec 26 or Jan 4. I think I’d like to tell people at Christmas. Then again, I may just blurt it out before that.

Okay, enough verbiage. Time to go home and walk dogs.

Another reminder to those IRL, if you call me during the day, I am at work. Other people can hear what I say. I am not going to talk about this over the phone if I’m at work. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh is all I can say. Love u

Jojobee said...

Congrats on a great beta and the + pee sticks!!! Can't wait to hear about your next beta on Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

to heck with twins and I want triplets.... okay so now to make sure nothing stresses you out.

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i'm breathless -- so very happy for you. now we just keep you on cloud 9.