Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These were taken by a good friend. It was hard to choose just a few. Enjoy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The latest and greatest

Sorry for the last blank post. It was a video that said was loading, but never did. I may try again....
The boys are over 8 months now. I cant believe how time has flown. I go back to work at the start of May and I'm so not ready for it (although my bank account was ready about 3 months ago). I have 3 possible childcare situations I'm looking at. One is an in home person, the other two are family run (licensed) daycares. Yes, I actually found two how might have openings for 2 at the same time! I hope to have it finalized before the end of this month If I take either daycare situations, then I'll need to put down the first month as deposit. I have no idea where I'm going to get the money. I'll find it somehow though. Now onto the boys. The good stuff!

Both boys have their bottom teeth in fully. They were here by Christmas. Corwyn cried during much of the process. I knew Nathan was getting his when he bit me (enough said). They are both getting their two upper teeth now and its pretty much the same. Corwyn was overly cranky so I knew what was coming. With Nathan, I just saw the little tooth coming in when he smiled! At least one is easy going. Its more than I could have hoped for. Once the upper teethe are easily visible, I'll try for some pictures.

Nathan had been mobile for quite a while without crawling. He was the master of the spin and roll and could get himself across the room in a matter of seconds. But of course that method involved taking his eye off the prize. He would get on all fours and rock and rock then collapse on his belly because he couldn't do it. But one day last week, he got this look of pure determination on his face and he did it. He's trying to do it on all fours, but he's a cross between commando crawl and hands and knees crawl. But boy can he move!

Corwyn had much less interest in trying. He hated (and still hates) being on his belly. He'd roll over to his tummy, grab a toy and roll back, but he didn't bother to try crawling. The day after Nathan started crawling, Corywn started trying. He's very frustrated because he sees how Nathan does it, mimics the moves, but doesn't have the strength (yet). See, where Nathan is plow ahead and just do it, Corwyn is watch, observe, figure out how something works and then do it right the first time. This has worked with many toys. He watches Nathan or another child play with a toy and the first time he gets it, he knows what to do. He doesn't get why crawling isn't working the same way. But muscles will come quickly. He's a great sitter so he has the core strength, just needs a bit of arm strength.

Well, I hear awake sounds from the other room, nap time is over and I'm back on duty. Hopefully the video will load this time! I'll post some eating updates next time.