Friday, November 23, 2012

Rings on his Fingers and Bells on his Toes

Well, the rings were made of playdough and the bells were actually around his ankles but.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lovable Labels - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Two things I love: sales and stickers! Lovable Labels is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. You can take 20% off your entire order, or if you order $100 or more, get 30% off. 
Labels are great for kid stuff. I have them on all the kid jackets, sweaters and shoe. When we used sippy cups, it was the only way to ensure they made it back home again. I also have them on my larger food containers. This way, I can send them off to playgroups and potlucks and still get my expensive (insert name brand) containers back. 
Don't miss out on this deal. These are great for your personal use, but also make fabulous gifts. 
If I could find a way to get one on Corwyn's monkey (really, where is there left to put one) then I would. But then again, I think a homing device might be necessary for it.
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If I could find a way to get one on Corwyn's monkey (really, where is there left to put one) then I would. But then again, I think a homing device might be necessary for it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mad Dash For Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

Mad Dash For Christmas Cash Giveaway Event

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

It is really hard to explain war and death to a pair of 3 year olds who've experience neither. I'm very glad that their lives have not been directly touched by either. But we have Remembrance Day (Veteran's day in the USA) for a reason. We need to remember and honor those who fought for us and because those who don't remember history, learn from it, are doomed to repeat.

Their first couple of years, when they were in strollers and portable, I took them to the services at the closest War Memorial. But they don't have it in them right now to sit through a service and I don't want to disrupt others. So I looked for ways to help them learn and still honor the Day.

They took a great interest in the poppies everyone was wearing, so I started there. I found this book at the library and we read it a few times and talked about it. I tried to explain war in terms 3 year olds could understand. We talked in terms of bullies and groups standing up to them and of course death and honor.

Then we did a craft. I cut squares in contact paper and put a black circle in the middle. Then the boys cut out lots of tiny bits of red tissue paper and put on the contact paper. I put down another piece of contact paper and cut the shape out. We talked about poppies and their meaning while we worked.

I hung one on our door and one in the window. And we talked some more about them.

Today, November 11, we managed, barely a moment of silence at 11:11.

Next year, I will explain more and maybe try to get to a legion in advance of the day to talk to some vets. And we'll read some more and talk some more. Our kids are the future. They will be the ones who work towards peace or go to war. The more we can share now and teach them about the past, the more tools they will have to make the right choices. Lest we forget......

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did the Halloween Fairy Come to Your Place?

No idea who that is? Probably not, I made her up and I'm hoping she catches on.

Last year, after a night of Trick or Treating, the boys played with their candy, ate a couple of pieces then went to bed. I took it to work the next day and they never asked about it. I knew that I couldn't count on that every year. Even if they forget, for the next week or so, every other kid and adult will remind them (what did you wear? how much candy did you get etc). Some parents let their kids "buy" something with their candy but my kids just don't get the concept of value or buying things yet. In stepped the Halloween Fairy.

The Halloween Fairy comes at night and takes all the candy you leave and gives you a toy (kinda like the Tooth fairy who gives money for used teeth). And if you're really lucky, she may leave you one or two candies/treats.

This year the Halloween Fairy got the boys remote controlled cars. I tried to find the ones for the younger kids, but in the time I had and the locations I could get to, I couldn't find these. So I took a chance and got them 6+ vehicles. One had to be exchanged right away (factory defect, not kid issue) but otherwise they are doing great with them.

When asked, Nathan will say the Tooth Fairy took his candy. Close enough. There were no fights, arguments or pleading involved.

Some people say just give the kids the candy. Not in my place. I'm not a sugar Nazi, but I like to limit the consumption. Add to it, the chocolate is almost all dairy (a no-no in our place) and everything else is all chemical food coloring. I wish I had a video of it, but Nathan was actually bouncing off the walls (and the bed and the floor and everything else) after on a few pieces of candy. Then he crashed, hard, falling asleep while still talking and goofing off. So candy in our place will remain a treat.

So what happened to the candy? I divided it into 3 piles. One to come to work to share with my coworkers and one that contained my favorites that would either be shared with my coworkers or consumed by me! One to stay home with treats they could be given over a long period of time. 

More photos of the Halloween Season will follow in a different post along with our observations around this years understanding of trick or treat.