Friday, May 15, 2009

Still here, still holding

I'm still in the hospital, still have babies inside me. They continue to thrive and do really well, which makes me very happy. I still have pre-e. the total bedrest, steroid and autologous blood draw has helped my bloodpressure a bit. My bloodwork is still holding steady and that is what they will use to decide the time has come. My OB remains optimistic that I'll make it through the weekend at least. But he's made it clear that its a day at a time.
Of course if something changes and there is an emergency, I wont be able to let you guys know until its over.
Bed rest is not that thrilling. There isnt really much for me to say. I sleep, I eat (wonderful hospital food for a pregnant, diabetic vegetarian - yumm - not). I read and I chat with my roommate. She's great, we swap woes and tales. She's here because of a very short cervix and they are trying to get her as far along as possible. She's 2 days ahead of me, also with twins. We're going to get a poll/bet started on who will deliver first. She has more problematic symptoms than I do, but it looks like she will make it further than I do. Oh well. I just want the boys to be safe and healthy. I'll stay in bed if thats what it takes.


onwardandsideways said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay, Selmada. I know bedrest isn't easy. The few days I've done it have been hard. But you'll soon be done with it and home with your beautiful boys. Very excited for you!!

K J and the kids said...

Hang in're doing great.

R said...

Sounds like you are doing fabulous... almost.. almost done.