Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another day on the inside

I think they want to write me up in a book of medical abnormalities now. I'm still here, boys still inside. My second 24 hour urine came back with double the protein, but still, my blood work remains normal. They honestly have no idea.

I got a very good glimpse today of what would happen if things changed in an emergency situation. My first roommate was due to go home today at 35 weeks to wait for her scheduled c-section at 38 weeks on Jun 15. Last night, her BP was up a bit and she had some protein in her urine. Her blood was okay last night, so they started her on a 24 hour urine and she had to give up hopes of going home today. This morning we both had our blood drawn (the norm for me). Less than 2 hours later, they rushed into her room to take her breakfast away. She was going to be delivering the second they had space in the OR. From the new screams I'm hearing down the hallway, I think they are back in her room. One of her family will be by to share news with me (we've gotten to know each other these past few weeks). We're hoping her B&G are perfect. As it turns out, as of this morning, there isn't a single NICU bed in the entire province! If either babe has problem, they will be airlifted to Edmonton, Calgary or Spokane. Wow. I hope they clear some space before Wednesday (or when I need it) - just in case.

For those who don't know, today is my birthday. Lots of people suggested that I give birth today as a good birthday present, but I really want them to make it to 35 weeks on Tuesday. It really improves their chances. So hopefully they will wait.

Oh, if you communicate with me via email rather than, my webmail server seems to be down. I haven't been able to get to the site for a couple of days. I'm not ignoring you if you've been emailing, I just haven't gotten it.

Watch this space for updates. Hopefully sometime late Wednesday, pacific time.


Anonymous said...

Will be checking my emails, my facebook and the blog starting Wednesday afternoon.
Love u

K J and the kids said...

Those babies aren't going to need NICU and all because you are a medical freak :)

Can't wait to hear how it all goes.
Can't wait to see pictures.
Hold on, 2 more days.

Jojobee said...

Happy Birthday! And good job for keeping them in there! The longer the better as we all know! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! And it looks like you just may make your goal! YAY for miracles!!!


Dora said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Sorry, I'm a little late.) Hang in there babies. Almost there!