Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, as the countdown goes on, everyone is asking about names. I'm not trying to be obtuse. I honestly don't want to name them until after I meet them and spend at least some time with them, outside my body as individuals. I don't think it will be long to name them, but I'll take the time I need.
In the meantime, I have a "short" list that I'll share. I'm also willing to throw this list away and use a totally different name once I meet them in person.

Alistair/Alister (english) - defender of mankind
Alaric (german) - ruler of all
Colby (english) - dark farm or village
Corwyn (english) - heart's companion; heart's delight
Darius (greek)- wealthy /(latin) - royal
Demetri (greek) - lover of the earth
Jason (greek)- healer
Kelton (english) -
Rhys (welsh)-enthusiastic
Silas (latin) - of the forest
Tristan (welsh)- bold
Theodore (greek)- gift of god

These names were on the list, and are mostly off the list from popularity, but may still be used because I like them - not sure yet.
Alexander (greek)- protector of mankind - too popular - but maybe
Damien (greek)- to tame - sorry, the Omen 2 was Damion, I cant even say the name without thinking of the movie
Ethan (hebrew)- strong and faithful - too popular
Jacob (hebrew)- love the name and the nickname but it means supplanter/substitute - not a good name for a twin and in particular a DE twin
Nathan/Nathaniel (hebrew)- gift from god - too popular
Nicholas (greek) - peoples victory - too popular - but maybe

And there are still initials to think of. For example, I cant use Alexander Rhys because his initials would be 'ARF' and that would likely lead to lots of teasing. Thats the hard thing when either a name or middle name starts with a vowel.

As you can see, the names come from all over. Few are considered conventional or popular, but at the same time they are not bizarre nor hard to spell. Those that can be shortened to nicknames have non-offending nicknames.

Feel free to comment, spam etc. But remember, these are my boys, I'll have the final say.

Keep the comments coming!!! This list of names has been through the suggested tests of calling them in both the happy and stern voice and the full-name-finger-shaking tone of voice also. There were others that got tossed off the list that I couldnt get out properly.
Twin boys born Wednesday to my previous roommate are currently Zach and Baby B. Boys are not easy to name.


onwardandsideways said...

I *love* the name Theodore. Nickname for that could be Theo or Teddy. It was my father's middle name and I just love it. Makes me think of some girl sighing 'oh, Theodore...'

My DH does not like it, unfortunately.

I also like Rhys on your list. It's unusual and distinct. Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so totally frickin' hot I can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the name Tobias popped into my head when I was reading your list. I have no idea why, but thought I would share. You sure have some unique ones there. We picked popular names, but we were concerned most about the name being teasing free (as much as possible) and shortening to a cool nickname. It will be fun to see what you come up with when you meet the boys. Meanwhile, keep hydrated!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Just checking in.. glad your still hanging in there! Hopefully they will arrive as a wonderful -belated-birthday present!

Wonderful names.. Suggestion. Say them out loud like you would call for them from the next room. Whatever feels the best, put it on the short list and then once you see them, you'll know who they were meant to be!!

Another trick is to say the full name REALLY slow like they do at graduation...

i.e. Corwyn Alexander F......
Tristan Rhys F......

can't wait to see what you decide!!

hang in there!!

K J and the kids said...

I'm with onward...I love the name Theodore and call him theo or teddy.
I'm all about the nickname. I have to come up with the nickname before I can come up with the name.

I LOVE the name Silas. Love it.
I also love Darius. Darion.
and I like the way they sound together. Silas and Darius.

The Nanny said...

LOVE Theodore & Silas! They're not too popular and not weird (i.e., won't be teased). How about:

Theodore Jacob (call him Theo? or Teddy?)
Silas Nathaniel?

I like Rhys a lot, but most people can't pronounce it--have you considered variations on spelling, like Reece or Reese? You could do Nicholas Reece/se (and call him Reece/se).

I also like someone's suggestion of Tobias (Tobias Kelton?)--Toby, for a nickname. You could do Theodore and Tobias have Toby and Teddy! :)

Dora said...

I've also heard you should try yelling them as if you were angry or they were getting into mischief. Of course, your boys will never need to be yelled at. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What ever names you choose will be great but remember us mom calling by all 3 names when we wanted your attention. Love u

Shaunene said...

my votes are for Colby and Rhys since you refuse to name them Shaun and Joe (LOL) Oh wait they could be Colby Shaun and Rhys Joe - that is a compromise if I ever saw one actually Rhys Joe looks silly, really so does Colby Shaun. I have no further input. Shaun