Friday, May 29, 2009

Short update and pictures

I'll post more details of the ups and downs later. Right now, both boys have some similar but different digestive issues. Nathan (A) is doing better of the two. He's still fed by nasal and had to have an emergency x-ray today (it was good) because things werent progressing well. Corwyn (B) was moved to a higher level NICU at a different hospital yesterday for different digestive issues. He's doing much better at last report, but things seem to change hourly. I'll take the good when I can get it though. I should be released tomorrow so I'll be able to hobble my way between the two hospitals. My friends are great, but they have day jobs, so weekdays I'll have to bus it. Its better than it could have been since they didnt have a bed for Corwyn yesterday morning in the city and were looking elsewhere. Happily the one opened up and he didnt have to fly out of town.

Now the pictures. I'm not a blogger expert and have not played with it at all. Some of these will be sideways, some are of them lying down. And I dont know how to label them so you'll be guessing which boy is which. They look very, very much alike.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

They are here!

This will be a quick post for now.

The boys arrived on time yesterday morning at 9:01 and 9:02am. Baby A weighed in at a whopping 6.5 lbs and his brother is a healthy 5.1lbs. Both boys are in NICU because of some breathing issues. I'm waiting for the latest pediatritian report and I'll update more on that. They've switched status in the night as to which was doing better and I need more details.

I was sick through most of the evening and part of the night so I didnt get to spend much time with them. Things with me are much better this morning and I was in with them for a half hour. I cant hold them right now, they are too wired up, but hopefully this afternoon.

I've started pumping to get my milk in for when they can feed (both are on IVs right now, no food). Pumping is boring, but seems to be going well.

Sorry for the short update. I want to get the next report before I post much more. I have decided on names after my time with them this morning, but I need to tell my nearest and dearest first.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maybe baby

So, tomorrow should be the day. None of the doctors thought I'd get this far. Of the others in ante-natal (all expecting twins) odds were on me deliverying first, but nope. I'm last. Go figure. They still dont know why, they dont understand and apparently I'm unique. I'll take it.

There is a small chance I could get bumped to Thursday or Friday (since I'm holding so well) because space remains limited in NICU. As long as they have no overnight emergencies, I'm next in line. A hospital on the Island called to transfer an infant over tonite, and they said no. So I'm free from other hospital transfers, just need to stop people in this area.

Computer is going home with friends tonite. I wont really have time to surf and post so you'll have to wait a few days for the update. Those who know me IRL may post a comment though to give you a hint, we'll see.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another day on the inside

I think they want to write me up in a book of medical abnormalities now. I'm still here, boys still inside. My second 24 hour urine came back with double the protein, but still, my blood work remains normal. They honestly have no idea.

I got a very good glimpse today of what would happen if things changed in an emergency situation. My first roommate was due to go home today at 35 weeks to wait for her scheduled c-section at 38 weeks on Jun 15. Last night, her BP was up a bit and she had some protein in her urine. Her blood was okay last night, so they started her on a 24 hour urine and she had to give up hopes of going home today. This morning we both had our blood drawn (the norm for me). Less than 2 hours later, they rushed into her room to take her breakfast away. She was going to be delivering the second they had space in the OR. From the new screams I'm hearing down the hallway, I think they are back in her room. One of her family will be by to share news with me (we've gotten to know each other these past few weeks). We're hoping her B&G are perfect. As it turns out, as of this morning, there isn't a single NICU bed in the entire province! If either babe has problem, they will be airlifted to Edmonton, Calgary or Spokane. Wow. I hope they clear some space before Wednesday (or when I need it) - just in case.

For those who don't know, today is my birthday. Lots of people suggested that I give birth today as a good birthday present, but I really want them to make it to 35 weeks on Tuesday. It really improves their chances. So hopefully they will wait.

Oh, if you communicate with me via email rather than, my webmail server seems to be down. I haven't been able to get to the site for a couple of days. I'm not ignoring you if you've been emailing, I just haven't gotten it.

Watch this space for updates. Hopefully sometime late Wednesday, pacific time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, as the countdown goes on, everyone is asking about names. I'm not trying to be obtuse. I honestly don't want to name them until after I meet them and spend at least some time with them, outside my body as individuals. I don't think it will be long to name them, but I'll take the time I need.
In the meantime, I have a "short" list that I'll share. I'm also willing to throw this list away and use a totally different name once I meet them in person.

Alistair/Alister (english) - defender of mankind
Alaric (german) - ruler of all
Colby (english) - dark farm or village
Corwyn (english) - heart's companion; heart's delight
Darius (greek)- wealthy /(latin) - royal
Demetri (greek) - lover of the earth
Jason (greek)- healer
Kelton (english) -
Rhys (welsh)-enthusiastic
Silas (latin) - of the forest
Tristan (welsh)- bold
Theodore (greek)- gift of god

These names were on the list, and are mostly off the list from popularity, but may still be used because I like them - not sure yet.
Alexander (greek)- protector of mankind - too popular - but maybe
Damien (greek)- to tame - sorry, the Omen 2 was Damion, I cant even say the name without thinking of the movie
Ethan (hebrew)- strong and faithful - too popular
Jacob (hebrew)- love the name and the nickname but it means supplanter/substitute - not a good name for a twin and in particular a DE twin
Nathan/Nathaniel (hebrew)- gift from god - too popular
Nicholas (greek) - peoples victory - too popular - but maybe

And there are still initials to think of. For example, I cant use Alexander Rhys because his initials would be 'ARF' and that would likely lead to lots of teasing. Thats the hard thing when either a name or middle name starts with a vowel.

As you can see, the names come from all over. Few are considered conventional or popular, but at the same time they are not bizarre nor hard to spell. Those that can be shortened to nicknames have non-offending nicknames.

Feel free to comment, spam etc. But remember, these are my boys, I'll have the final say.

Keep the comments coming!!! This list of names has been through the suggested tests of calling them in both the happy and stern voice and the full-name-finger-shaking tone of voice also. There were others that got tossed off the list that I couldnt get out properly.
Twin boys born Wednesday to my previous roommate are currently Zach and Baby B. Boys are not easy to name.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Some doctors have called me a freak of nature in the past (trust me, it fits). Currently they are willing to say I'm an enigma. So far, babies are still in. I'm still spilling protein at a high level. My BP is still high, although after more than a week in a bed, its not at the 'alarms ringing' level, or well, each time I get a new nurse they think is alarm ringing until they check. But my blood work remains constant (so far). Apparently it makes no sense, but I'll take it. I still function on a day to day level. They do a series of blood and urine tests daily and make a decision to keep going or not. I also had another 24 hour urine collection. I haven't heard the results, but again, no one has run in with a magnesium drip, so I'll guess it was not much different than the first.

I'm still hoping to make it to my original date, a week from now. I may or may not. Depending on which doctor I see, my odds range from 0 to very good to make it.

Being in bed for a week has reduced the swelling in my feet. My right is almost normal, the left still has a way to go, but can be recognized as a foot again. I'll attach some before and after bedrest feet pictures, along with a current belly shot.

I had an u/s yesterday. As usual, the boys are doing perfect and would be very happy to stay put. They are both growing. I know the estimates are +/- a pound or more, but A is about 6.4lbs and B is 5.7lbs. If accurate, this makes both of them bigger than the twin boys born today at 36 weeks (bigger one was 5.2lbs). But at 36 weeks, they are more developed, even if smaller than my boys. I'm aiming for 35 weeks and hoping for the best. I'm as ready emotionally as I can be if they want to take them earlier, I think.
Bored most of the time, but more than willing to stick it out for the next week. As of tomorrow, I'm going to be having twin Gemini. I think its appropriate for the sign to have twins.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still here, still holding

I'm still in the hospital, still have babies inside me. They continue to thrive and do really well, which makes me very happy. I still have pre-e. the total bedrest, steroid and autologous blood draw has helped my bloodpressure a bit. My bloodwork is still holding steady and that is what they will use to decide the time has come. My OB remains optimistic that I'll make it through the weekend at least. But he's made it clear that its a day at a time.
Of course if something changes and there is an emergency, I wont be able to let you guys know until its over.
Bed rest is not that thrilling. There isnt really much for me to say. I sleep, I eat (wonderful hospital food for a pregnant, diabetic vegetarian - yumm - not). I read and I chat with my roommate. She's great, we swap woes and tales. She's here because of a very short cervix and they are trying to get her as far along as possible. She's 2 days ahead of me, also with twins. We're going to get a poll/bet started on who will deliver first. She has more problematic symptoms than I do, but it looks like she will make it further than I do. Oh well. I just want the boys to be safe and healthy. I'll stay in bed if thats what it takes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hotel California

Fly by update. I'm on a borrowed computer.
Why the title? Well, with the hotel california, you can check out, but you can never leave.
I came to the hospital for my routine NST on Monday. The boys as usual were perfect. I however failed big time. My bp was way, way up and there was protein in my urine. So they admited me to collect my urine for 24 hours. The test results just came back now. 3.8, the cut off for immediate delivery for pre-e is 4.2 so I'm very close. They just gave me the first steroid shot to ensure lung maturity. I get a second one tomorrow at this time. The doctors are deciding next steps. My OB said that I'd stay at this hospital and deliver if my numbers were high (as they are). But the OB on call has said she wants to transfer me Women's hospital tonite because I'm only 33 weeks, with twins and they may need more intensive care. I want to stay here. My roommate is exactly where I am (okay, she's 2 days ahead with twins) and they transferred her from Women's here last week because they said 32 weeks with twins was more than enough. Such mixed messages. There is also still a (very small) chance that they may send me home for a week for strict bedrest. I have no idea.
My scheduled c-section date is exactly 2 weeks from today. I wont make it. I've got mixed feelings of course.
Home is not ready. When I left for my apointment on Monday, I had over 2 weeks to get ready. Of course the boys will be in NICU for the first bit anyway so I can get friends help me get organized before they come home. A good friend was able to come by on Monday and get my keys so someone could stay with and care for the dogs while I am in lock down.
Anyway, short post. I dont have more information than what I posted here. The nurse was here a half hour ago. I'm waiting to talk to the doctor. Who knows when. I'd prefer to talk to my own doctor of course, but its not his on-call day (maybe tomorrow is - i can only hope). Not sure when I'll post the next update, but when there is one and I have a computer, I'll post. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Gold Stars

I'm off work now, but it feels like it's non-stop appointments now.
Today was the first non-stress test for me and the boys. They apparently flew through it with 2 gold stars!!! Their heartbeats were perfect and went up and down during/after movement. She said they were perfect. One tiny tightening of the uterus towards the end, not even enough to be braxton hicks. Next one is next week.
U/S last Thursday also went well. Boys are growing, really growing. They estimate A is over 5lbs now. Both still have big bellies. B is so high up, under my ribs its hard to get really good head measurements. Really hard to get good 'pictures'. She thinks they both have hair too. I really can't wait to meet them.
Yesterday, I had the first autologous blood donation (storing my own blood, just in case). I bled at the right rate. And for a few hours after, had normal blood pressure. I used to give blood all the time, but this is so much nicer. Its in a private room, just me and the nurse. I had a TV. They use an IV with saline because of course pregnant women cant get dehydrated. And more, they numb the area before the needle goes in. I felt nothing. Of course with GD, no juice and cookies for me after. I did have an ensure though (they are better than they used to be). Next one is next week.
Saw the OB today. My regular Dr was off, so I saw a fill in. It went well. Not much to worry about because it was only a few hours after the NST. I'm measuring 45 weeks. Uh yeah.
So, its business as usual. I'm to spend as much time as possible sitting and lying down. That's easy. I tire very easily and sleep lots (drool city).
So all seems well with me and the boys. Still no crib. I specifically picked one in stock that could be delivered that week (April 27th). They moved it from the Monday to the Wednesday. Then on Wednesday morning they called to say the crib wasnt at the dock when the picked it up, but would call to reschedule. No call. I called yesterday and apparently no one has done anything. So now a trace is put on it, she thinks they are out of stock. No call back yet. I'll be calling again tomorrow. There were more than 3 in stock when I paid for it. It wasnt my first or even second choice, but it was in stock and was a good one. Now they are saying it might be July. Um, no. Not going to happen. I have a pack and play that they can use for few weeks if necessary, but they had better fix this. I can guarentee that when it comes time to get a second crib, it will not be from s.ears if they don't fix it this week.
Okay, off my soap box now.
Updated giant belly shot soon. I promise.