Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm so far behind on updates

I'm just not functioning as fast as I was, in any aspect of life. I've been meaning to post for a while.

Let's see. What's happened since the last post?

Oh, my friends gave me the best shower imaginable last week. The boys are going to be the best dressed kids imaginable. My BFF took the pictures at the shower, so I havent seen them yet. I'll spread the stuff out later this week and take a picture so you can see. But to give you an idea, I got swaddle blankets, shoes (2 pair of converse and some 2 pair of very stylish shoes), a jolly jumper, bouncy chair, a pair of adorable stuffed monkeys, bath towels, soothers, sleepers galore and lots of the most adorable outfits you can imagine, hats, wrist rattles, q-tips, organic bamboo kimono gowns with matching hats, sophie giraffes, team canada hockey jerseys and gift cards. Actually a group of friends got together to get me a large visa gift card. It was enough for me to get a crib, mattress and a car seat (more on those later). It was a wonderful shower and it was great to see all the people from the different parts of my life together.

I still see the GD alternating weeks and we communicate via email the week in between. Insulin was upped again and from the numbers this week, I expect it will go up again when I see her this week. Honestly the insulin pens are far less painful than the finger pricks to check the glucose levels.

I start non-stress tests (NST) in week 32 (May 5th). My next u/s is on May 30th. My weight gain is up to 24lbs, all belly, but the breasts are starting to grow a tiny bit. I met with the hematologist yesterday. I'll be making appointments to donate my own blood in case its needed during the c-section.

I really lucked out on getting the second car seat. We went to BRU yesterday and they had the floor model with last years colors on sale for 75% off! I grabbed it. Since I dont drive, they wont be in car seats all the much and I suspect will outgrow the infant car seat long before they reach 1.

The crib I wasn't as lucky with. The crib I wanted is sold out everywhere. I can get one some time in July if I wanted to. So I went with my second choice, a model up from my first choice. I needed a crib with a drop side. I know its not a problem when they are very young and the mattress is raised. But lets face it, I'm short. When the mattress is in the lower position and I have to put a tired out baby in, I wouldn't be able to reach unless the side lowered. I also wanted a convertable since it will work as a toddler bed until they are old enough for bunk beds. So it, along with the mattress are coming on Wednesday. Sometime between noon and 9pm (how's that for a delivery window time frame).

As far as stuff I absolutely need, I think I have it all. There are things that would make life easier, like a glider/rocker and a second bouncy chair that I dont have. But I'll worry about those later, if at all. Now I just need to finish organizing the basics. The boys wont be mobile for a while, so its nor urgent that all the little things are taken care of before they come (like cupboard locks installed). And while I've downsized lots of the things I've collected over the last couple of decades, it will take time for the rest to go. They are worth far to much to just drop off at charity and each item takes time and research before being listed. With my moving at the speed of snail right now, there will be lots left for me to keep selling well past when the boys come. In some ways it will be better like tht since it will be a bit more cash flow when I need it the most.

I'm on vacation this week. I go back Friday to sign the last of the papers and pack up my office (I'm getting a ride home)

Overall, I've really enjoyed being pregnant. Yeah, I've had a few complications, but at the same time, I've had almost no symptoms. I was lucky enough to bypass any type of morning sickness. I didn't get acne (I think my skin is the best its ever been). I have no problems sleeping at night (or any other time). I never developed a keen sense of smell (which would have been h***on public transit). No constipation was a bonus (a high fibre veggie diet helped there I'm sure). I get mild heartburn, usually only at night. I have minor carpal tunnel, affecting my fingers (making it hard to knit and write, but no issues working on a computer). If I had to say, the worse symptom is those giant, balloon like things at the bottom of my legs. I consider myself very lucky (and I hope my luck holds out and the boys arrive safely). I also consider myself lucky that it only took 2 DE attempts; yeah, I wish it had taken only 1 try, but there are so many people out there still trying.

I know I'm missing something but if I stop to look for it, this may never get posted. I'll post pics of the shower gifts, crib, and my balloons next.


R said...

So glad things are going well.. i can't believe how fast time is going...

K J and the kids said...

Sounds like you scored at your baby shower.

You are doing fabulous. I'm glad you feel symptom free for the most part. How nice to be able to enjoy a twin pregnancy.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

One more month, glad you are just about finished work as you will have so many little things popping up to do.
Love u

Dora said...

Serious score! Sounds like a great shower. Can't wait to see these well dressed babes!