Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Have a Great Christmas for Free

Is it possible to have a fabulous Christmas and come out ahead? Yes. Join Avon as an Independent Sales representative right away and you can.

Christmas is the biggest selling time for Avon. I joined at the end of August. This was good, because it let 'get my feet wet' with smaller orders, learning what works and how to find customers. My first order had 1 customer - me. My most recent order was for 18 customers. They were slow to acquire at first. mostly friends, but now they are coming out of the woodwork, approaching me because I've made it known I sell Avon.

My first order, where I bought only for myself was just over $100. But that's okay, I joined with 3 hours left in the current campaign. I shopped smart and got almost $200 worth of products, between the sales and representative discounts. How do I go from spending $100 to getting Christmas for free?

As a new representative, you are guaranteed a discount of 25% on beauty and jewelry items (except watches) and 15% on everything else. This is for your first 7 campaigns so will take you past the holiday season. This means you save 25% or 15% on all your personal purchases and EARN 25% or 15% on all your sales to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and Avon generated customers.

How does that work? Can you make money with Avon? Yes. Full disclosure here. This is my most recent order due to arrive this week. My Avon invoice is  $593.39 after taxes.

Line ItemCost after TaxPersonal Discount
Shipping 8

I saved 33.96 on my gifts and personal products. I spent 44.83 to grow my business in the future. Because I had a massive order, I spent $8 in shipping. 

Then, I have customers who will pay $606.11 after tax for their purchases. But wait you say, my Avon invoice was only $593.39!!! This means once my order is delivered and the customers pay me, I'll have $12 in my pocket and my entire gift and supply costs are covered. 

I earned over $160 in free products. I could have just as easily not made any personal purchases and pocketed the profit. 

So you've seen how you can make money with Avon. You can use the money to grow your business, buy gifts for yourself, friends or family at a discount, use the money for a vacation, pay of debts etc. It is your choice how you use it. You can also earn more than I do. There are people who support their family with their business.

I am a single mother of 4 year old twins, with a full time day job. I do my computer work at night, when the kids are asleep. They help me sort and delivery orders. I'm woken up almost every morning with requests from them to "put stickers on books" (labels on my brochures). I network on Facebook, through this blog, at the playground and any time I'm anywhere with my kids.  I carry a bag that says Avon on it. I wear and use Avon products. I used Avon nail art this Halloween and with the compliments I get every time I pay for groceries, do my banking, or show my bus pass, I say "It's Avon, would you like a brochure?" 

With 2 campaigns a month, starting only 3 months ago I'm earning $320 with just the basic work, and not interfering with my time with my kids. I'm also a leader, in that I help other people start their own business with Avon. I earn from that also. Currently, I'm earning between 200-350 a month that way. My goal when I joined was to earn 500/month by the end of the year. I'm already there.  Now the sky is the limit. 
(phone numbers on shirt are from day camp, not my number)

And now you know how to earn money and how to save money this Christmas. For only $10, you can start your own Avon business. You set your own hours and you take it as far as you want to. There are no quotas and no minimums to spend. You can use it to earn money or even just save on your own purchases. What are you waiting for? You can join from anywhere in Canada. 

Still not convinced??? If you have $100 in qualifying value (this is the pre-discount amount) in your first campaign, you will earn this incredible palette, an $80 value, for free. Avon Mega Mix 'N Go Palette

While it would make a great Christmas gift, I have to warn you not to plan on it arriving in time, depending on when you sign up. Avon will wait 3 campaigns to send it to make sure your invoice is paid up and to process any returns. But you will get it with your 3rd order after the one you qualify in. This is only available if that first order is $100 (before discount and before taxes). 

Campaign 23 closes off Nov 6, tomorrow. That is not a lot of time, especially if you want to qualify for the palette. But if you have looked through the online brochure and see things worth $100 or more that you'd like to buy your family, then it's plenty of time! You will get your discounts (25% and 15%) and then Avon will also send you catalogs for your next two campaigns so you can boosts your sales faster. 

If that's too soon for you, Campaign 24 closes November 20th.

Ready to join now? Follow these simple steps. (It's recommended you do this step from a computer, sometimes the captcha-type code doesn't work well on tablets or cell phones). 

Go to: www.avon.ca

Complete Steps 1, 2 & 3, click SEARCH FOR SPONSOR
Enter my name: Christine Fretwell
Enter my email: 

Avon will invoice you the $10 joining fee.  You can pay for it online after. 

If you're still not sure, leave me a message at Avon in Vancouver by Chris with any questions. I'd love to help you save and earn this Christmas and going forward.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Home for the Holidays

It's that time of year again. Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has started.

This year, I jumped on board before it started, committing to raise funds for a child needing a family, needing, if not a home, a promise of a home for the holidays. I first picked a little boy I was able to provide the alias for - he went by Corwyn. So you see why I picked him. Within a week, he not only had a family committed to adopting him, they were already traveling to his country to meet him!

So I picked another child to help. Shawna was a cutie in Asia. 2 days later she was 'on hold' followed 3 days later moving to "My family found me". I was overjoyed.

So again, I was going through the children still looking for sponsors on the Angel Tree. I happened upon Christian He is in Eastern Europe, has Down Syndrome and an unspecified heart condition. He is also 4. A mere month older than my own boys.

From his profile, he can walk and feed himself. He can talk a bit. He LOVES music. He is a bit shy and sensitive. He sounds very much like a pair of 4 year old boys I have at home. But he needs a family. He needs someone who can sing him to sleep at night. He needs someone who can play games with him, help him develop his speech. Someone who can teach him to ride a bike. Someone who can help him reach his potential. Someone to say "I love you".

Please share this blog post. Please share Christian's story. As his Angel Tree warrior, I'm committed to raising $1000 for Christian. This can help  his new family bring him home. But more than the money, I would really like to be 3 for 3. I want Christian to find his family before Angel Tree is over. To do that, people need to know he exists. Sharing his page helps!

If you can, please donate. Talk to your friends, families, bowling team, knitting circle, Church group. everyone and see if they can help. The more money in his grant, the easier it will be for a committed family to get him home.

To donate, click on the giant button on my page. It will take you to the Angel Tree. Search for Christian (match the picture to be sure). Click the blue donate button under him. You'll see 2 options....one will be 'buy ornament', this is a 35 donation. It will get you a great Ornament for your tree with Christian's picture on it. $5 of your donation will go to the ornament production and shipping costs. Ornaments can be shipped to anywhere in the world! If you don't want an ornament, click here and donate

Again, even if you can't donate, please share Christian and the other children on the Angel Tree with everyone.

Some of you might remember last year's post http://www.andmommymakes3.com/2012/12/it-makes-difference-to-this-one.html . Sweet Serenity met her goal of 1000. Unfortunately, she lives in a country that first banned adoptions from the USA and now from Canada. She will remain in an institution for the rest of her life, what little there is likely left. Her grant was transferred to another child, one that still has hopes of a family. I had input into where it would go and picked Mick