Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Settling in (2dp5dt)

I will post more about the vacation side of this when I am back home. For now, the DE side (oh and excuse the lack of proper punctuation, I still havent figured out this keyboard and the spell checker wont fix it for me)...
The transfer was Monday. They transfered 2 grade 1 hatching blastocysts and 1 grade 1 blastocyst (that from what i could see on the screen was also starting to hatch by transfer time). They were perfect, lets hope one or two decide to stick around. My lining was just over 19mm, triple striped, about as perfect as it gets.
It was a very busy time that day, with 8 donor egg transfers and quite a few other surgeries. But we were all treated well, although there were long waits.
Since then, Ive felt the odd twinge and pull, but dont know if they mean anything. Since at least 2 were hatching, Im not sure if they could have already started to implant or not. I hope so. I dont have the strong progesterone cramps that I did the last cycle. I dont know if that is good or not.
I waver between sure it was all good and sure it wasnt that somehow they fell out or something. sigh. I am supposed to wait and test on the 27th. I dont know if i can wait that long.

I had another problem transfer, but not quite the same as last time. If you are at all squeemish about womens bodies or pain, stop reading now......okay here goes
Unlike last time, he was able to find my cervix without switching to the gyn bed. But when he found it, it seems that the endo had taken over and mostly blocked the entire cervix with adhesions. He had to cut and pull to forcably remove the adhesions. I wont lie, that hurt, lots. But the embryos went in and the catether came out clean, so my lining was fine. He said there would be blood from where the adhesions were removed and there was along with some other liquidy stuff. By the next morning it was fine. I think I have the start of a UTI now though, which happens when people poke around down below with me.


Anonymous said...

so glad everything went well, I was getting up a couple of times through the night to see if you had posted to your blog. Prayers are still going strong. NS

Jojobee said...

WOW! Sounds like a great transfer, although not the bladder infection... I'm hoping and praying for you and praying those little embies snuggle in for 8 1/2 months!

Steel Magnolia said...

I hope you have a safe trip home!! Counting down the days!!