Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane

Tickets - check
Meds - check
Passport - check
Book - check
Phrase book - Czech
Sanity - not so sure

In a couple of hours I leave for the Czech Republic, via Amsterdam. To say I have reached panic state would be an understatement. To most people, I look calm, sane and collected, but inside I'm a total mess. I know I'll calm down a bit once I have the first appointment on Wednesday and get the fert report. But now, not so calm.
The service I go through for translation, clinic bookings etc, somehow mixed up the dates for when I need to get picked up in Prague. They were waiting for me at the airport today. Yikes. I checked and I had written confirmation for the 7th. Then, when checking last night for my flight status, the same flight I'm taking today, was delayed 3 hours yesterday! I don't have 3 hours between flights. Please be on time today. Please, please be on time.
The bus to the airport used to come to a couple of hotels nearby (2-3 blocks). But that route got cancelled. Now I have to take the city buys downtown so I can catch the airport bus. Or pay a small mint and take a cab. I could do city bus the whole way, but it involves 3 buses and I have transferring and I have luggage to lug.
I worked out a 'schedule' of how to concert my meds over while travelling and still keeping the 'take in the morning', 'take on an empty stomach','take with food','take 4 hours before any vitamins' rules without doubling up too soon or missing a dose of something. I'll have to do the reverse on the way back.
Dogs have figured out something is up. I cant even shift my position while sitting without them coming running (well, they are sleeping next to me, so they don't have far to run). They are the other reason for stress. I have a great friend K, who will be staying to take care of them and the cat while I'm gone. I know they will get great care, but that doesn't stop me from stressing about it. The fur kids are the only kids I have right now.
Okay, must go finish the few last minute things and keep busy so I don't stress.
Watch this spot for updates. I'm not taking my laptop to save on weight of luggage on the way back. Puts me dependent on Internet cafes so not sure how frequent the updates will be.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your flights all made the connections on time, get some rest and everything will go well tomorrow, than rest and take in some sightseeing' Love U,