Saturday, November 1, 2008

A different 2ww

It's exactly 2 weeks before my first U/S at 7w4d. I really have no idea how it will go. I'm still waffling as to how things are, deep down there in my uterus. Sometimes I'm sure I'm pg, other times, I'm less sure.
And as to the question of how many, well, I really have no idea. One, more than one. I would honestly be very happy with one healthy growing fetus.
Today I went to the baby fair. I wasn't planning to, in fact, had no idea it was on. I was going to the women's fair with a few friends and the baby fair was in the same convention center. I stayed with them until they were checking out the shoe sale, I said goodbye, saying I was going home. Then I snuck out and paid and went to the baby fair. (my BFF knew what I was doing, but she was the only one there who knows I'm hopefully expecting). The fair was great. And what was also great was being in a huge room with pregnant women, babies and kids and not wanting to bawl my eyes out. I entered lots of draws but bought very little. I was so afraid to tempt fate. I did get some belly cream. I also collected information on 3D U/S places and cord blood banking along with discount cards for them. The bravest thing I bought was a hooded shirt that I'll use when (if) I tell the world I'm pregnant. I really have no idea when that will be. I'll unveil the shirt on the web at the same time, so you'll have to wait to know what it says.
For those wondering, my last beta was right on track (number in my profile) and my progesterone had gone up quite a bit. They want me to test again next week to see the hormone levels and may now switch and lower my progesterone.
Still no symptoms - 5w4d.


Starr Morgan said...

I hope your U/S goes great!! I hope the 2ww goes by super quick for you!

Anonymous said...

these 2 weeks will go super fast, you have plenty of time for m/s and taking crackers to bed with u to eat before u lift your head, there is so many wonderful things coming up. Love u


Anonymous said...

I know how scared you must be!!! This is such an unfair process that turns even the strongest people neurotic. Try your best to stay calm and I know it'll be hard, but enjoy everyday that you can. You're hcg looks good and more than enough for just one healthy baby!!

take care and I hope all goes well with the u/s!!!!

Stay strong!!