Tuesday, November 18, 2008

8 Weeks

8 weeks down, 31 or so more to go.

I thought I'd post an 8 week belly picture. Most of what you see is fat, not baby, but there is definitely baby under the fat. 8 weeks ago, I could easily compress the bulge into any of my pants. Now, I can't, not even close anymore. The twinkies together are just over an inch, add the sacs and extra thick lining and there is probably 2-3 inches I can attribute to them.

Hopefully they will continue to grow well. If they do, my belly should 'pop' in the next 2-3 weeks making it look less like fat and more like baby.
I'm debating renting a Doppler to hear the heartbeats (should be able to by week 10 or so). It's unlikely I'll have another ultrasound until around week 20 and I think I'll go insane with worry if I don't get some reassurance that they are okay.


R said...

How precious!!!! I'm wondering if you would, talk about the support you have with the pregnancy and raising the babies? I"m just curious as I'm going to be trying again soon and I'm planning on doing it SMBC unless I meet someone and fall head over heels and even then, I won't be ready to include them. Sorry, long rant. THANKS!!

Selmada said...

R - yeah I will. It's an interesting subject. I have so many great friends locally and they are well worth mentioning.

For a book to read, I seriously recommend Knock Yourself Up. http://www.knockyourselfup.com/Home.html
It has the good the bad and everything in between. It also has a whole section on support.

Anonymous said...

i know that as discussed in your next post, money and a budget is a concern and so in this instance you can say that peace of mind has a price. that said however, if you rent this doppler and it gives you greater peace of mind and reduces stress which is good for the babies health, which is priceless, then i would say that you should go for it. i have no idea how much those things go for though, so it may be a moot point.