Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are ALL well

So after that horrible scare this morning I was a bit apprehensive about the U/S. I was expecting just about anything.

I'll cover the basics off the bat to keep you from jumping ahead. It's officially twins.

Back to the day. I still drank less than they recommend but even with that, I was able to take the cup and fill it 3 times before going in. Then, I got on the table and she congratulated me on filling my bladder so well. Its so tiny. Sigh.
The U/S tech has a great poker face or a perma-frown, so I wasn't sure what was going on. But then she turned the screen to me to show me both the babies. I think it was stunned relief at that time. She took lots of pictures and measurements, but then to be sure said we'd go with the dildo-cam for a closer look. My bladder thanked her, profusely.
So after checking my kidneys (I think I might have a stone) we moved onto the magic wand. She took lots of pictures, still with that frown-like expression. But then she gave me the heartbeats and I was relieved.
My friend S was able to come in and watch while she showed us everything. Baby A is measuring 2 days ahead with a heartbeat of 150. Baby B is measuring 3 days ahead with a heartbeat of 158.

And some great news, there was no blood on the wand. So whatever happened this morning was short lived. I have heard from other twin moms that this can happen. I don't think it makes it less scary though.

My Dr will get the full report on Monday and I'll hear from her about any next steps.

I had ordered the Dr Luke Twins, Triplets etc book from the library last week (just in case) so now I can start to read it. Now I just have to get to mid-June with no melt-downs.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so good I can say goodnite to the real little ones. Love u

Jojobee said...

CONGRATS! What amazing news! I knew you had two in there!!!! Exciting! Just try to relax and enjoy now! I can't believe you're already almost 8 weeks! Time flies! :)

Starr Morgan said...

Oh this is such great news!!!! I am so excited for you that you are having twins! So happy the scare in the morning was just a fluke and all is healthy.

R said...

WOW!!! COngratulations!! WOO HOO!!! That's great!!