Monday, October 29, 2012

October Vegan Food Swap

I've taken part in a few Vegan Food swaps but am behind on the blog posts about them. I promise I'll get to the first two soon, but since I actually have a chance to do the October one on time, I'm going for it.

In this food swap, put on by MeShell and you can get details here Canadian Vegan Food Swap (with a link to find the USA version for those of you not north of the 49th). Each participant is given someone to send food too. Someone else sends a package to them. The idea is to try to find food your partner would like that they are not likely to have tried or have easy access to.

My sender this time was in the Toronto area and did her best to find foods I was less likely to find in Vancouver, while trying to be kid friendly at the same time. My package came from Lauren at

As with any package that arrives at my place, the boys got involved with the unpacking. (see that sofa that looks like hell, it's 18 months old, yup, that's it, from the Brick, I'm not impressed (I typically keep a cover on it). They just love opening boxes and taking things out, lining them up and then putting them all back in again (and then repeating the process over and over and over). They were more interested in the actual process than the food itself, although once Nathan saw the picture on the Sprinklez, he kept insisting that they were cupcakes and I had to open them to show him they were not.

2 Gluten Free products from Sweets from the Earth. 
I've never heard of this company. These disappeared fast. The kids were less fond of the brownie than I thought they would be, but it might have been the gooey texture in the middle that turned them off (which was okay with me as I got to eat it!)

Mulling Spice from Simply Organics
While I've heard of and seen this company, I have yet to try this product. This time of year is perfect for it.

Prana Tamari Almonds

These are a total favorite of mine although I suspect with the recent pancreas issues, almonds are off my list now. Happily the boys liked them.

New Moon Kitchen Granola

I love granola and am loving the chance to try some new ones. This one is local to Toronto so totally new to me. Nathan will sometimes also eat it, although Corwyn still has some aversion to cold cereal.

Confetti Sprinkelz
These were something I was happy to see, so happy once I opened them. See, I've bought these before and was so disappointed. I really try hard to avoid or at least limit the toxins in food colors, but preschoolers and sprinkles in baking are made for each other. When I bought it box the sprinkles were a monotone grey. Bleh. But this box, the colors were so much more obvious. And while no, these are not like the ones with the toxins for brightness, they are still colorful enough to entice the kids without the damage.

They boys have been begging me to make cupcakes since seeing these, so we'll be doing some up soon.

Overall, this was a fabulous swap thanks to Lauren. I look forward to the next one.


Anonymous said...

nice, very nice. does this mean that u can't drink almond milk?

Anonymous said...

nice, very nice. does this mean that u can't drink or have almond milk in ur diet now?

Christine Fretwell said...

I don't know about almond milk yet. I need to experiment but probably.
I have a very painful and adverse digestive reaction to tree nuts now (this is new in the last 6 monhts) and a slightly less one to peanuts. I (finally) see the GI on Thursday but suspect he'll tell me to just not eat things that cause that reaction.