Friday, November 5, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards Review

When I was given a chance to do a review of Shutterfly Cards I jumped at it. I’m the proud owner of 3 different photobooks and a few hundred printed pictures from Shutterfly. I very quickly learnt to order multiple copies of the photobooks for gifts after the first one arrived.

Right now, I’m torn between With Love Chartreuse and Ho Ho Ho. I love the first because it’s traditional. I love tradition. It also has the year, making it much easier in the future to think back to ‘when’. Okay, that it has 5 pictures spots is just a huge bonus (I love showing off the boys). Ho Ho Ho is more whimsical and I guess child oriented. And Christmas is for the kids, actually, my life is for my kids. Grrr. How to choose? As I mentioned before, I might get some of each and give them out depending on the age and relationship to the receiver.

Shutterfly Christmas cards are wonderful and I can’t wait to order mine. They provide the option of having pictures, anywhere from one to six, depending on the design. There is even a pictureless option, but with so many amazing pictures of my kids this one isn’t even on my “maybe” list.
There are also an amazing number of color combinations to choose from. They have the traditional red and green associated with Christmas. There is also the classy ice blue and white options available. And if those don’t suit you, there are other colors to choose from.
Each card comes with an envelope. You can order as many or as few as you want. The price of course goes down, the more you chose.

Which is your favorite?

The Shutterfly address labels are great, not just for Christmas, but for year round. Some of the labels are very holiday themed, others are a bit more timeless. There are some options with pictures, but remember that address labels are fairly small so keep that in mind if you pick one of these options. There are even labels to coordinate with some of the Christmas card option for those of you who like themes.

Are you planning a holiday get together? Why not pick one of the invitation cards from Shutterfly. There are many to choose from, including 4 that can be customized with a picture. Some of the options allow you to select as few as one invitation, others have a minimum requirement. Very busy this holiday season? Well, Shutterfly can even address and mail your invitations for you!!! How simple is that.

Disclaimer: I was given the chance for 50 free holiday cards for the review. This did not influence my review in anyway.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

I must order some more address labels so I may consider Shutterfly ones. Mind you I don't think I will order the Christmas themed ones. I would rather just order ones I can use year round.

Gill in Canada