Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Serious Post on Child Sexual Abuse

Have you heard? Amazon is selling (and of course making money) by selling a book promoting child sexual abuse.  Please read this article for more information.

If you think Amazon should not sell this book, please let them know. Call them. Email them. Cancel your amazon account and let them know why. Blog about this and let your followers know what is going on. Mommy bloggers have power. Let's use it.

Too many children are abused. Personally I'm appalled that a mainstream company like Amazon will be making money promoting it. They are also 'sharing' the profits with the author (whom I hope the police are investigating).

This is at  Its not available via but I suspect that is more Canadian laws than Amazon policy. I have several amazon (ca) gift cards but I wont be using any of them unless Amazon pulls this title from its sales.

Update - you can no longer find this by searching, but Amazon has not made a comment if its pulled permanantly or if its just lying low until the fury dies down. You can still make your opinion know so that this doesn't end back up in the lists.


K J and the kids said...

I saw this on facebook last night.
It is SICK.
I am with you....hopefully this will just give authorities the information they need to stop it.

Nancy said...

I'm glad all the mommy bloggers (dad bloggers too) joined up and got this book removed from their listing. It is absolutely appalling that they stood behind this instead of standing up against what is wrong.

Forget censorship, forget freedom of speech, if it's at our children's expense, it's NOT worth it.

Anyway, I really do hope they do not list again once everything dies down. I'll be keeping a close eye, that's for sure!

Take care!