Monday, November 1, 2010

Japanese Monkey Pants - a Random Review

I am going to review these. Not because anyone asked me to, but because I have them and love them. I think if you find something worth sharing, then you should.

I first saw these at booth by Tokyo Baby at a baby fair when the boys were about 6 months old. They were adorable, but even with the show discount of 20% off, I couldn’t afford them while on leave. And I’ll admit that I soon forgot about them (imagine that, teething twins and I forgot something).

When I saw a review and giveaway on HSUper Baby, I was thrilled and of course entered. I was happier than happy when I won. But of course, with twins, I couldn’t just get the one pair. So I went to Tokyo Baby’s website and ordered a coordinating pair (along with other things). Talk about your great customer service. I mentioned the win and said if they wanted to ship them together, I didn’t mind, even it took longer. To my surprise, I got an email back letting me know they would be in town on the weekend and were more than willing to drop them off in person! I said sure.

There are lots of different patterns and options available. I picked one I thought would be cute for the boys that was available in different colors. The pants themselves are wonderful. I was concerned about the size. They are made in Japan and imported and in general, Japanese people are a bit smaller, and my boys are tall. I ordered the 18-24 month size. They are perfect. I even have to roll the bottom up, so they will fit for at least another 6 months or more. And they stretch nicely, so would be good over a disposable or a cloth diaper (and if a miracle happens and they toilet train, would look find over undies too). I think they will also be perfect under snow/rain pants without adding a ton of bulk.

I checked the list of attendees and Tokyo Baby will be at the next Vancouver Baby & Family Fair If I like what they have in stock, I’ll pick up a couple of pairs for the boys for Christmas gifts. If not, I’ll order another two pair online. They do carry other wonderful Japanese import items. Hmmmm, I think I’ll need to bring extra money with me.

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HSUper Parents said...

Thanks for the link back. Wow, the pants look so cute on your boys!