Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Risk Factors

I knew I had a few for most possible pregnancy complications, but I was hoping they wouldn't come into play. Lets see
I'm "older"
First pregnancy
Carrying multiples
Existing BP issue controlled by med

This put me at a higher risk for high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I've been over every book and site on the subjects and there is nothing that can be done in advance and no way to predict in advance. I feel really great, but apparently I'm a mess on the inside.

My appointment yesterday was a bit frustrating. The higher dose of BP medication has resulted in only a small decrease in my BP. The doctor went back over the med specs and it can, for some people, take up to 14 days to show results, so it may still be okay. I have to go back next week to follow up on it.

But then, for the first time, there was sugar in my urine. Oh joy. The Dr and I went over everything I had eaten that day and it was nothing in my diet. She did say that with the volume of pregnancy hormones I have, my body may not be able to cope and I could be one of those who needs insulin to control it. So tomorrow I'll go for the 1 hour glucose test. Honestly, I'm expecting to fail and bracing myself for the 3 hour test. With the extra growth of the boys at this early stage, it's quite possible that I have GD, and have for a while. I guess it's a good thing I had a sugar aversion in the first trimester and no real taste for sweets now.

Anyway, from what I can tell, the boys are still fine. Definitely still growing. My next u/s is on March 5 so I'll know more then. I see the OB on March 10th. Again, I'm feeling really great.

I'm 22 weeks now. Each week counts. At 22 weeks, there is very little chance for survival (69%) and only palliative care would be offered. At 23 weeks the rate of survival is more than double (20%), palliative care is recommended, but medical intervention is possible. And so on. The Women's Hospital put out the stats and guidelines for micro-premies over the Christmas holidays. They highlighted a great success story on the cover of a girl born at 23 1/2 weeks who was celebrating her second birthday. She is the exception and not the rule. My ultimate goal is of course the full 37 weeks. But each time a problem crops up, I need to remind myself that they may come sooner and try to educate myself on the details. I'm living week-by-week right now, hoping for the best, preparing for other situations.


Jojobee said...

How horrible! I can't believe your BP is still elevated! I hope that it controls itself in a week! The good news is that it's decreased a little bit... The dr may put you on bedrest to control it easier.

As far as the diabetes, I really wouldn't stress out too much. That can be controlled, whether you have to follow a specific diet or use insulin.

I'm praying for you and the little ones and hoping that you pass that 3hr test and your BP goes down.

Please stop researching!! It's going to drive you crazy!!! Just put your feet up and relax as much as you can this week!

Anonymous said...

I agree take it easy as possible and keep feet up as much as possible, we must be doing some of the same research but find you can become bogged down with it. Things have been going so well that I'm sure nothing major will happen now, sugar happens to a lot of people when you get to see the specialist she might have some other advice. Looking forward to seeing the next u/s.
Love you and you know my prayers are with you every night.

Anonymous said...

I concur - stop focusing on all the "worst" case scenarios - it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.... I believe the babies will get to 37 weeks and yes you may be on bed-rest but not unexpected as is the GD - not unexpected. Think of Bed-rest as time to knit lots of booties and little hats, blankets and sweaters. I am sure that all your friends will help in anyway they can - ie doing errands. OR the BP meds will kick in and next weeks appt will show this. Love you - stay positive

Selmada said...

The odd thing is, the more I rest, the more the bp goes up. I take the bus the 7 blocks to/from work. I have the first aid room key and lie down the middle of each day. I work from home one day a week and lie down regularly. The only way I could keep my bp down pre-pregnancy was regular exercise 5-6 days a week. My bp is the highest in the morning, after sleeping at least 8 hours (on my left side).

I'm not worried people helping with things that need to be done. I have great friends. I am worried about losing another 2 months of the pay diff between ei and my take home (diff is over 3500/month) and being able to pay my mortgage, buy food etc. My budget for the 12 months off only works if I can work (even from home) for another 2 months) I'll do whatever is necessary of course, but being single, I have no one else to support me if I can't work.

Anonymous said...

I think you have answered your own question if exercise pre pregnancy helped BP then it may help now - maybe try doing short walks at lunch to see if it helps. you are in my prayers - it will all work out.

Selmada said...

I'd love to walk, but unfortunately, that actually hurts. Within a few blocks of walking, based on where one of the boys is, I get pain in the uterus and it gets worse unless I stop and sit down for a while. Any impact, even the smallest bit seems to irriate it.
Pool is okay (not aquafit anymore though, way too much impact - just swimming). But walking too/from the pool causes the pain mentioned above.
I'm going to try out the exercise bike.
I see the OB in less than 2 weeks. I'm going to see if has suggestions (maybe a different medication if I'm not responding to this one)

onwardandsideways said...

Hi Selmada! Thanks for stopping by my blog and how exciting to be as far along as you are. Good luck with everything and I'll add you to my blogroll.