Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They showed their "goods"

Today I went for the 3D U/S I scheduled because I really wanted to know genders. It was great.

I was a bit concerned because at only 21 weeks, I was worried things wouldn't be distinguished enough or that they'd be too skinny (I've heard that from people). But it was wonderful and they are not skinny at all. Wow.

While not a diagnostic scan, I was able to check lots of things out. They both have lots of fluid around them. Baby As heartbeat was 154 and Baby Bs was 158 which is the same as I get at home. Both are fast, but still in the middle of the range. Add to that, I was able to see that lips are fully formed (no hairlips), hands all have 5 fingers, feet each have 5 toes, ears are adorable. I was a bit concerned of birth defects because of isci and my blood pressure medication and the prednisone etc. That's not to say there aren't issues, but nothing that shows externally.

Oh, you probably want genders now? You'll have to follow along to find out. Don't worry, one will come out very quickly.

We started with Baby A. With instant cooperation, we were able to see the little boy bits right away. He is not overly shy. The pictures of him from this part are very sweet. He seems to be hugging his placenta. At times, he tried to suck on his thumb and his fingers (and I swear at one point he was sucking on his placenta). Then he rolled a bit and showed off his umbilical cord.

Onto Baby B. As per all the other scans, B was not overly cooperative at first. Having an anterior placenta also created some shadows making it a bit more obscured. After some checking and more checking, we were able to get the bottom up view of B showing his boy parts. Yup, that's right 2 boys. It was harder to get the cute shots of this boy. The video shows some nice views, but the stills weren't as great. Then the little boy rolled over again and put his arms behind his head. Along with a perfect shot, it was so neat because this is the exact pose I was in on the U/S bed, reclined with my hands behind my head. So cute.

Then we tried for some shots of the brothers. Um yeah. Now they were both awake and very active. A was doing somersaults at one point. Then they kept hitting and kicking each other (in the head). It was great to watch and gave me a view of what it will be like for the next many years.

I'll load a few pictures now and may load some more later. I'm not sure how to tag them on blogger, but hopefully you can tell from my descriptions which shot is which.

While it would have been great to have one of each gender, seeing them and knowing they are healthy more than made up for it.

On another note, my blood pressure has not gone down at all. So my Dr increased my medication on Monday. I get it checked again next week. I did some quick research, and it turns out my previous dose is lower than any listed value I could find, and my new dose is the lowest that you can get in the US. It made me feel a bit better.

I'll be doing another post tomorrow with a request for input. For now, enjoy the "pictures".


Anonymous said...

Pictures are awesome, now I really have to get my printer working fast.
I can only imagine how excited you are as I know how I feel, grandsons whoa.
Blood Pressure quite often goes up but they will control it and now knowing some of it may be excitement it might just stay where it is.
Love u

Jojobee said...

Oh my! What a great u/s! I'm SO excited for you! Seeing their little faces made me cry! How exciting! They're beautiful too! We went for ours at 17 weeks and it was a little too early, you went at the perfect time because you can see their faces so clearly! :) Beautiful, just beautiful and thanks for sharing!

As far as you bp, I hope that they can find something to help it go down, that's scary that's it's not! I'm hoping that things settle down a bit and level out for you.

R said...

wonderful. congrats to you. they are going to be so lucky to have a mama like you.

Jade said...

wow, amazing, and sooo exciting

Jodi Selander said...

Those are amazing pictures! I would love to link the one of your baby hugging his placenta on my blog, would that be all right with you? I write The Placenta Blog (, and think this is just awesome.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! You will soon be one busy mama. :)

Selmada said...

Jodi - linking will be totally fine with me. I just scanned your blog and will be reading with more interest now.
The little one hugging his placenta is the one with full placenta previa right now. And the other little boy has an anterior placenta so I've been doing some placenta reading lately myself.

K J and the kids said...

How exciting. boys rock. and that they will have each other as brothers is SUPER cool.

Stephanie said...

How fun!!! 2 boys. We'll have to hook them up with Brooke and Kamryn!!! Congratulations!

OperationFamily said...

2 boys!!! A huge congrats!!! I'm so very excited for you!