Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 Months and counting.....

Sorry I left the teaser up for so long, I was hoping to have some more info the next day but didn't and was following up on some other things.

So to put every one's mind at rest right away, the anatomy scan went incredibly well. There was nothing in the report to indicate an issue. Let's see if I can get you the details in a logical way (I suspect not).

At my Dr appointment on the Monday, my urine was fine, I've gained another 1.5 lbs (we'll round up and say I've gained 7 pounds total). My blood pressure, which has always been on the border (even when not pg) was up slightly. Nothing to panic about, but I'm now hovering on the border instead of just below it. It's something to watch. I'm now up to seeing her every 2 weeks instead of every 4. She also was going to try to move the appointment with the OB up (its now 10 days earlier and I'm on a cancellation list).

Then Wednesday was the scan. I'll start off on a really, really happy note for me. I no longer need a full bladder for scans. In fact, I'm to have a totally empty bladder!!!! But I'm sure you don't really want to know about me.

I was able to see both babies very clearly. They have 4 heart chambers each, 2 kidneys each etc. Baby A has a posterial placenta and Baby A has anterior placenta. This explains why I can feel Baby A moving lots and Baby B not so often. The heartbeats continue to be about 10 beats apart, with B being faster. Once again, B did not want to cooperate and took more time and belly poking to get the views needed.

Once we were done with the abdominal scan, it was onto every one's favorite wand. Yes folks, I'm back to needing the dildo-cam again. This was to check on the lower placenta. It was the one less happy note from the scan. At the moment, I have total placenta previa. For the few who don't know, this means the placenta is lying completely over the cervix. Since I haven't had even a drop of bleeding since mid-Dec (knock on wood), the only thing it means is that if it doesn't resolve itself, I'll need a c-section. As the uterus continues to grow, it can move with the growth and this could change. This will be checked at each scan from now on.

I did not get to find out the gender(s). I was one week too early to be told. He did say that if he could easily tell, that he'd put it on the report to my Doctor. This was the reason for the teaser, I was hoping to find out. But there was nothing about gender on the report. I tried to look and I think, maybe, that one is a girl, but I'm not sure. So, I managed to book a scan at a 3D/4D clinic for next week, (the 18th) so I can find out gender (and see them again). My next detailed scan isn't until Mar 5 and I just didn't want to wait. I'll be posting some of those pics for sure.

I asked about size, particularly with my slow weight gain (that I think is picking up a bit). He said that they are well into the top percentile for singletons and at the very top for twin growth. That explains the belly and makes me less concerned about my weight gain (I did put on 15 pounds between the previous DE attempt and this one so maybe some of that is being used).

I have more sonograms, but I need to do some minor cropping. I'll load them soon. But the one I loaded in the teaser is my favorite anyway.

Oh, I do have the Dr Luke book and have talked with my doctor about some specifics. So far, since nothing other than watching my BP is causing a concern, we'll keep going as is and hope there is a cancellation with the OBs office so I can get in sooner.

I also joined the local parents of multiples group. They were an amazing resource right away. One is even an OB herself. It does seem that care varies greatly from Dr to Dr and even twin pregnancy to twin pregnancy within a single doctor. It gave me some reassurance and some great local women who've been wonderful. There are a few other pregnant women in the group, although all are further along than I am. The first meet I went was happily a swap meet. Its one of the few times I wish I had a car. There was even a crib, free to good home that I had to pass on. Knowing genders would have been even better since I didn't want to take the very gender specific clothes. As it was, I'm loaded up on some more gender neutral clothes, every lamaze baby toy ever made, board books for babies and even a playmat with gym. Since I was in total baby mode after that, I took the bus all the way home and then all the way back to a consignment store that was nearby. I lucked out there and got a twin nursing pillow for less than 1/3 the cost of a new one (and there would have been shipping too).

A coworker is giving me a baby bath. So the smaller things are starting to come together. It's the stroller that is going to kill me. I've been researching and talking to people and unless I want to buy multiple strollers in the first couple of years, then I need to bite the bullet and get the one I really want right away. The Bob Duallie is a good choice, but its not recommended until the babies are at least 4 months. The valco is a good option that is usable from birth. One of the families at the local group had one and loves it. But apparently it wont fit in any car trunk so would be hard if going somewhere with friends. And at almost 700, that's a concern. I was 'test driving' some that I know local stores carry and I am totally in love with the Mountain Buggy double. Its usable from birth, has an adjustable push bar (for short people like me) and will turn into a great jogging stroller when the kids turn 1. Last years colors are on sale right now for 750(cdn), about 270 less than this years model(oh yeah, this years comes with a cup holder - big deal). There are only a few left at the lower price so I need to make a decision soon. There is only 1 orange one left and I love orange. I didn't want to buy anything big until 23 weeks. But I may have to. It steered so well and I've looked and looked but can't find a bad review on it anywhere (other than the price).

Anyway, off on a tangent there. My next Dr appointment is on Monday. The 4D scan (yippeee) is on Wednesday. The next full U/S is March 5 (with another one 4 weeks after that.

I'm starting to face the reality that I will likely have to stop working at the end of April. I really need the money but the safety of the kids comes first. They're giving me a key to the first aid room so I can go lay down whenever I want and I'll probably start doing at this every lunch as a preemptive measure. I'll likely start working from home 1-2 days a week by the end of this month. I've already starting busing to work every day (uphill) and busing home most days (even though its not a long walk).

Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate them.


K J and the kids said...

I also had a low lying placenta. It moved as my uterus grew. I think it's very common in early pregnancy.

Your tech was pulling your leg. We were able to see the sexes on a standard ultrasound machine at 15 weeks. I can't believe they wouldn't tell you. Jerks. :)

Glad you are taking advantage of the twin resources early on. It will help you a TON later on too.

Selmada said...

They can see the genders that early. But, by policy they won't tell until after the time frame when people can legally abort. Unfortunately, there are certain ethnic cultures in my city who will terminate female fetus. To stop this, they dont tell until 20 weeks. I understand why they dont tell, but it's very frustrating for the rest of us. I'll know in a week, which is great because there is a swap meet 4 days later.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going well, blood pressure will be up and down from now on. Hope you get the stroller you want. Leaving work the end of April will be hard but maybe there will be a few days you can do things at home.
Getting excited for Wednesday. Love the U/S, nice fridge art too.

R said...

I mean really.. just keep ushanging... really!! LOL!!!
Glad otherwise things are okay!!