Tuesday, March 3, 2009

23 weeks!

I know 23 weeks is not a huge milestone, but it's been a big one for me as it's the cutoff for survival. Of course I hope to make it to 37+ weeks, but I can only get there one week at a time. To celebrate 23 weeks, I'm doing my first baby wash. I'm not quite ready to remove tags from new things and wash them, but the items I've gotten at the swap meets and the twin meet are in the washer now. Yes, I'm really washing baby clothes for my babies!

I saw my GP today for the last time this pregnancy. Next week, I start with the OB. My BP is still up. At home, it has been down the last couple of days, down, not low, but not down. It was up at the office from the last few weeks. She didn't make any changes today but is going to talk with both my OB and a cardiologist that specializes in pg women to get their advice. Its either leave it like it is for now, up my medication or change my medication. I should hear from her sometime tomorrow about the consensus.

I did the 1 hour GD test last Thursday and got the results today. The good news is that I don't have to do the 3 hour test. Of course I don't have to do the test because I failed so badly that I'm confirmed as having GD. Canadian uses a different base measure, but I converted for my American friends. Over 140 mg/dl would result in the three hour test. Over 200 is commonly accepted as having GD, although 15% of those women don't have it. When its over 226, 100% of women have GD. I managed to do slightly better and came in at 227 mg/dl. At this test result level, most women require insulin shots. I suspect I'll be one of them. Once I knew it was possible, I started researching and I've been tracking my diet and it's almost a perfect GD diet already, so nothing to change. The more I read about GD over the week, the more certain I was that the test would come back positive. While my weight continues to go up slowly, the boys are growing in leaps and bounds and at 21 weeks had a fair amount of fat on them. Also, I often really want to sleep right after eating. I will sleep after eating when I can, but the need goes away within 3 minutes anyway. So I wasn't overly surprised.

I should get the referral date to the GD clinic for sometime within a week. I have my next detailed scan on Thursday. I meet the OB on Tuesday. Looks like I'll be missing more work. Oh well. They've been really good about it. We don't have any official sick leave but unless time off is being abused, they don't seem to mind (they gave me 2 weeks after my surgery a few years ago).


onwardandsideways said...

From my perspective, 23 weeks *is* a huge milestone. How wonderful! Sucks that you're having to deal with the BP and GD. FWIW, the sight of a white coat can make mine jump 10 points.

I've got a onesie in my underwear drawer. Maybe one day soon I'll get to take it out!

UberJeanie said...

Yay on your milestone. Not yay on the other stuff, but I know you're taking good care of yourself. oxoxo


Jojobee said...

What a blessing & relief that you've made it this far! It's an exciting milestone, that's for sure! I still get excited each week that I've made it that far! :) That's a pain about the BP & GD, but the good news is that you're BP hasn't really increased. Glad you're meeting someone about the GD though, and at least you're on the right track with your diet.

YAY for baby stuff! Exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was also lucky enough to fail the 1 hour so badly that I didn't have to do the 3 hour. You will probably need insulin at some point, but it may not be right away. My GD specialist explained that once the pregnancy progresses our bodies just have to work harder, etc so that no matter how perfect our diet is it isn't enough. I did the injections and it wasn't so bad at all really. Congratulations on 23 weeks. I agree that it is huge!

K J and the kids said...

Congrats on 23 weeks. One milestone down 499,645 to go :)

onwardandsideways said...

P.S. Tag, yer it! Check my latest post.