Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vancouver BJD Details

To my parenting friends, this post will likely be a WTF! Feel free to ignore it, but I'll provide a brief explanation for the curious. I have an extensive doll collection, the bulk of it Asian Ball Jointed Dolls(BJD), dating from pre-kids. While I still love them, I have no time or space and have been downsizing slowly over the last 3+ years. I found the best way is to offer them for amazing deals to local friends and creating a fast web page as a blog post with the pictures is efficient, hence this post.  The sale information will not be in the blog since it's not commercial. I will probably just keep reusing the same post for each doll, updating pictures and info. I want to stay focused on the kids. That said, if you have questions about this doll or BJD in general, I can try to answer or point you to people or places for more information.

To those from the Vancouver BJD community, this is a Dollkot Hara. He's SD sized. I'm his second owner. His face-up and tattoo were from the previous owner. He has a bit of a sad expression, and has both freckles and a mole. While his face appealed to me, I've never really warmed to the SD. I got him from DOA in 2007. He has mostly sat in his box in a closet. He's big and taking up space and I'd love for him to find a new home. 

His box is from a Customhouse AI doll and it was used for the actual shipping. He'll come with the eyes shown (sorry, I don't know what they are) but no clothes or wig. The box has bubble wrap and one pillow.

He is in great shape, although I think some of the coating has rubbed at the waist joint. 

Warning - some full frontal nekkid doll shots to follow

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