Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting the Squeeze On

Last night I pulled out a citrus juicer I had gotten with this intent and let the boys make their own orange juice. They loved it. While they didn't even finish the juice until much later, they kept wanting to make more.
Corwyn taking his turn twisting and turning.
 Nathan was more serious about the process
 Putting some muscle behind it

Both boys loved the result

Now I'll note that we are not a juice family. We don't keep juice at home. We're a water and non-dairy 'milk' family. When we have juice, special occasions out etc, the goal is for it to be 50% water. This juice was no different, after they squeezed 2 oranges each, they poured half a cup of water over the squeezer each and filled their cups. I love that it's fresh fruit, but with most of the pulp gone, it's too much sugar. I love the whole fruit juices from my heavy duty Vitamix but this was both a learning activity and a treat. In the future, I want them to get into stevia sweetened fresh squeezed lemonade, the orange juice was a jumping off point.


K J and the kids said...

Love it. but you didn't show the 12 oranges to fill that little sippy cup.

Christine Fretwell said...

Surprisingly, this was only 4 oranges (2 for each of them). And it was only half water so overall, not a bad thing.