Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To sleep perchance to dream

Overall, the switch to no naps during the day is going really well.

They have not magically started going to be at 7 again (sigh) but it's (usually) before 9 now. But the really great thing is that they are sleeping in. Corwyn has only woken up before 6 once and often makes it to 7! Nathan, sleeps about an hour longer. They are also sleeping deeper it seems. It's now very rare for them to come sleep with me during the night too. So overall, I'd say this was a huge success.

It's not without it's exceptions though. If in the stroller anytime between 11 and 1, Nathan will start to dose. It takes effort, but he can be woken up. They've had the odd cat nap for 5-15 minutes but seem to recover quickly. Once I get them moving again, they're good until bedtime.

Sunday was an exception. We were having a Twin group picnic at a local beach (yes there are many local to me). But it wasn't the one closest to us and involved a bit of a bus ride, and since I had friends helping, we had the strollers. Since summer has finally hit Vancouver, the boys were up and out by 8:30 am, playing around the neighborhood. We got to the picnic site early and played in a playground before going to the beach. While there, they played and ran and went in and out of the water, generally being 3 year olds.We left just before 1. Nathan was dosing before we got to the end of the first block and Corwyn was down by the end of the second. Both slept for the bus ride including transfers. Then they woke up, at almost the same time less than a block form home. Overall, they slept less than an hour. I was able to keep them busy the rest  of the day so bedtime was reasonable too.

How's sleep at your place?

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K J and the kids said...

I remember having to stay home because if we drove or strolled anywhere they would Always fall asleep. Still all 4 boys will fall asleep if in the car after a long day.
Sounds like things are going in the right direction.