Thursday, January 20, 2011


Nathan has for the most part, always liked and at his worse, tolerated baths. He likes to play with the toys and loves to splash.

Corwyn is a different story. From his first bath, he's rarely enjoyed them. He mostly tolerated them, but sometimes, not even that. Oh he's happy when I say its bath night (for us its usually twice a week). He walks to the bathroom and leans over to play with the toys. But the minute I put him in, nine times out of ten, he freaks. He will not sit and prefers just to cling to me while I wash as much of him as I can. It doesn't matter if he's the only one in the bath, or Nathan is already there. Once in a while, he'll reach down and pick up a toy, but that is rare. And once I try to wash his hair, that's it. Screaming and climbing me to get out.

But tonite was one of the good nights. In fact, it's the best I can remember. He started out the same, standing up, not wanting to get in, but eventually started to play with the toys and when prompted actually sat down. I decided then not wash his hair, no point in pushing my luck. But then they started a splashing contest. The first one to get in his eyes, he looked a bit upset, but then he laughed and that was it. The splashing went on and on and on. I was soaked, the bathroom was soaked, but I was so happy. I even got to wash his hair. And more than that, I had to drain the water and still had to coax him out while he shivered.

I don't know if its a one-off or a trend, but right now I'm happy and want to share it.

Here's a picture of his first bath in the NICU. The nurse was very efficient, but he was having none of it.

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K J and the kids said...

Well I'm glad he decided to like it last night :)
Cam was the same way and now he LOVES bath time. This might be the beginning to something beautiful for you :)