Monday, June 14, 2010

Twin BBQ

Our local twinclub had its annual BBQ on Sunday. It was a blast. It was quite tiring as they kept crawling everywhere, but of course next year when they are walking, it will be more tiring as they will be running everywhere. Still, it is so worth it.
They wore their new t-shirts. I got these from Simply Colors ( where you can custom make a tshirt, pants, hats etc. the quality of the shirt is amazing. I'm very impressed. I chose the wording because I think I hear it 100 times a day and wanted to get the jump on people. I also love that they have something with their names. I'm not very likely to find anything preprinted with Corwyn.


K J and the kids said...

How fun. and I LOVE the shirts.
I may just have to stop by the site.
Thanks for the link.

Selmada said...

Thanks. They are cute shirts and I am thinking of ordering sweatshirts closer to xmas.

Your blog is now blocked to me. any chance I can get the password? My email is homejunk at shaw dot ca