Friday, June 4, 2010

Playmobil or FP Little People or ???

I bought the boys their first Little People playset (farm) at a swap meet. They seem to like it and I can see the beginnings of role playing happening. They also love opening and closing the gates and doors and exploring all the areas of the barn and carry the animals around.  I was looking around at other new and used sets and there are lots out there.
Then I came across a place that had both Little People and Playmobil sets. And I went hmmm. To me, they both seem good, but I'm not a toddler. I dont have any first hand experience with Playmobile and limited with LP. So I figured I'd throw it out there to blogland where those who have the experience might have some input.
Let me know what you think of either set or if you know of something else that might be good, fire away.  I'm not locked into anything. )Except Lego. I cant wait for Xmas this year when the boys are old enough for Duplo - and since I have an entire closet of my lego, once they are past 3 its smooth sailing)

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K J and the kids said...

I have no idea what playmobile is ?
BUT, if it has to do with cars....get that. My boys LOVE to drive any kind of car, tractor, digger, truck around.