Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I still cant believe its been a year.....

The boys had their first year checkup yesterday. They were not impressed with the 4 shots. Nathan got over it quickly (before I got him dressed) but my wonderful little Corwyn continued to sniffle and protest for a while (he's so cute).
Nathan came in at 11kg (24.3 lbs) and 79cm (31.1 inches)
Corwyn kept his own pace at 9.69kg (21.4lbs) and 77cm (30.3 inches)
Their height difference has almost stayed steady at around 2cm. But as you can see, Nathan has been gaining on Corwyn in the weight department. Nathan is in no way a chubby boy, but is built much sturdier. Its only 3 pounds, but when you hold each, you can really feel those pounds.  Both remain very tall for their age.

I was looking back over the blog from last year. What a time that was, with hospital stays and visits, unsure medical diagnosis. Heck, I didn't even pick their names until I met them. Their names suit them so much. I cant imagine them having any other name. Even the meanings fit. Their names mean gift from god, enthusiastic and hearts delight, twin. Pretty good.

Now onto the eye candy. These were taken by some friends who love the boys and enjoy taking them on long walks. The boys obviously enjoy spending time with them.


K J and the kids said...

They sound perfect. And more importantly look so amazingly perfect in pictures :)
How lucky for you that you have two guys that will play with your boys. Positive role models :)

Mom of twins! said...

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by and how big they get so fast!!! Great news on their weight and growth!