Thursday, March 5, 2009

Latest U/S

Today was my second detailed scan. It was a different U/S tech, just as efficient as the 19 week one, but she was more about business than showing me every part of the boys. That's okay, she told me everything I needed to know.

Both boys are growing well (they are 'big') and progressing nicely. Limb checks all worked out, spine, femur length, head and belly sizes are normal for both. Both boys have almost identical head circumferences (within 1 cm). Baby A is still breech (it likely wont matter) - which explains all the kicking low down. Baby B is transverse, lying as high up as possible with his head under one set of ribs and his feet booting into the other set of ribs. The U/S techs thought I would have lots of discomfort from it, but its not too bad (so far).

While Baby A is normally more 'photogenic' today he was bit less so. There is one good shot of him. Baby B was great at the start and there is a sequence of shots of him moving his hands to suck his thumb. Of course, when it was time to take the measurements, he became far less helpful.

My cervix is very long and tightly closed (yeah!!!). However it looks like I might be facing a c-section. I still have total placenta previa - it hasn't moved a centimetre from 4 weeks ago Whatever is needed to get them here safe and sound. But my friends who are functioning as birth partners are going to love the two hours alone with the screaming hungry babies while I am in recovery. I'll be able to feed them after I'm back in my room (this is what happens at the hospital I'm giving birth in). But while they get to listen to screams, they will also get to see the first the first yawn, first movements and likely get to change the first diapers. I'll get one of them to film it while the other tries to stay sane.

The last 2 pics are belly shots. I'm up to about 11 pounds gained. I definitely look very pregnant though, much more than the almost-6-months that I am.

My docs consulted and they are thinking that perhaps I'm metabolizing my BP medication much faster than normal (its a slow 24 release version). So now I'm taking two doses a day, 12 hours apart. It will take a few more days to see if that helps.

No call yet about GD clinic appointment. But I'm reviewing a book I already had at home on GI index. And picked up a nice diabetic cookbook today.

Oh and I was blog tagged. I'll be posting for that next. It will give some of you a chance to learn more about me.

Next scan is in 4 weeks.


K J and the kids said...

You will have so many ultrasounds that by the time those babies come out you'll feel like you've seen them before :)
Glad everything went well. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, u are doing so well, now it is just a wait and see what the OB says on Tues. You have everything so well planned.
Love u

Anonymous said...

LOL - I will not lose my mind with 2 little babes. I bet they will be calm and quiet just like their mom - now if they were mine yes they would be screaming bloody murder - but yours will be angels. Between the 2 of us we will handle them just fine.