Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mud - it does a body good

Nah, this is not a post about a high priced spa treatment (although I could use one), this is a post about having fun with your kids for little or no cost. Outdoors even.

I live on the "Wet" coast, so named because there are months when it seems like all it does is rain. Sure, the view and those 3 months when don't get a drop of rain make up for it, it's still hard during the rainy season.

So what do you do with kids on rainy days. You can stay inside, play games, do crafts or watch TV (we do all these). You can go to museums or play time drop ins (we also do these). But just as fun and often over looked, you can just go outside and play.

We have been going  out and playing in the mud and rain before the kids could walk. They know that as long  as they have boots on, they are welcome (and encouraged) to splash in puddles. If I have my boots on, I will join them. If they need a break but want to keep playing, we'll go to a covered area and just hang for a bit. There have been many afternoons when we are the only ones at the playground. I don't get it. Sure, we throw on rain gear, but when they sit in the water, there is only so far it goes to help. Plan some playtime in the bath after and just let go and be free.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the years of rain and mud play. It's free and it's good for the skin. (fyi, for their rain coats and pants, I buy 2 sizes too big, they can wear it over other clothes at first and it lasts so much longer, only on our second set now which should last at least 2 more years)

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K J and the kids said...

This is my children yesterday. The water was provided not by rain fall....but by squirt guns filled with water again and again and squirt in the dirt in my flower garden. Not so much the fun experience you had. :)
Plus...if it's rainy...the rain can wash off the mud and dirt leaving you less of a mess to later clean up !

Love the pictures.