Monday, March 11, 2013

Jig a Jog, Jig a Jog, Jig a Jog, Jee

We went to a Pet Expo yesterday. It was fun. Along with all the expected vendors and rescue groups, there was a mobile petting zoo and Pony rides.   Corwyn saw the ponies and dragged me over. Then he ran back to Nathan and grabbed him. He was all in for a ride, until it was his turn. So Corwyn rode the little rocking horses they had. But Nathan wanted on the pony. He loved it. He got a bit more sure each turn around the route and would have liked another ride (and would probably have asked for faster then).

Corwyn takes a bit more time to warm up to something so he may try it the next time around. (He freaked on merry go rounds the first 4 times but now likes them). It was the same way with the other animals. He loves to watch, and tries to come close but has a hard time touching.  With dogs of the small to medium variety, he's pretty good to pet a couple times, before backing away. Not a fan of big dogs. Nathan was right in there, hugging, offering treats etc. In that way, Nathan is like me and I think would bring home every animal he found. Corwyn would want to bring them home, but would ask someone else to do the touching.

Even reptiles. The Reptile Guy was there and for a donation you could take your picture with a reptile of your choice. Nathan picked a snake, but not the big python, he wanted the smaller red and black king snake. He didn't want it around his shoulders/neck so we started out with it around my neck (yes, I will do almost anything for my kids) and then progressed to holding the tail while I had the front half. Corwyn snuck in a couple of quick touches too. They are emailing the pictures so you'll have to wait for those. As we continued walking around, Nathan wanted to go back and have the snake around his neck - next time I guess.

Overall it was a good event. I feed raw food to my cat so not a lot of the samples would go to good use in my home. I passed those along to friends who feed dry. It was nice to see the kids with the different animals and their reactions. Nathan even got to pet a hedgehog (while Corwyn looked on).  A friend got us tickets so I wasn't out of pocket. I was a nice morning with the kids anyway and would consider it again next year when they are older (kids are free until they are 12).

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