Monday, January 14, 2013

Vinegar Cake

This is a gluten free cake I've wanted to try for a bit. I liked that it was all mixed in the baking pan, less to clean up (well, it would be less if made without a pair of 3 year old helpers.

I used a mix of gf-oat flour and quinoa flour. I also added a scoop or so of protein powder. I tossed a handful of dairy free chocolate chips on the top, but didn't have enough to cover it all.

It has no xanthan gum so I was worried about how crumbly it would be, but it's good. Like most GF products, you need to make sure it's cooled 100%. 

Corwyn liked it, once I convinced him it wasn't hot anymore. Nathan fell asleep at 6:10 and so will need to wait until the morning for his try.


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