Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Painting Pleasure

Since Christmas, we are running out of wrapping paper (aka finger painting) so last night we got back into it. 

I love to offer them texture and color when painting so went with the full deal of finger paint, shaving cream and of course glitter.

To get started, they take off their shirts. We have aprons and they are great for cooking and stand up art, but when sitting they bunch up. Plus, with finger painting, trust me, no shirts allowed. 

I pile the shaving cream (we are still on our first and only can in over 2 years), white glue (helps keep the shape), paint colors they pick and a smattering of sprinkles on the paper.  A tip here, tape the edges of the paper down. 

Let them go to town.


Now you see why I say no shirts....luckily, they did not paint their faces and hair (this time). 

A vigorous painting session is always followed by a bath.

And the finished works of art. These were taken about 12 hours later. Some of the puffier parts are still drying a bit. I love the textures and how the color comes out from underneath.



This summer, I'm thinking of doing a great big outdoor painting session (with all the kids in the building welcome). We can just hose them off after.

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You are such a good mommy !