Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Hikes - Giveaway

It's time for another giveaway!!!

I'm trying to drive followers to both Twitter and Facebook and a quick way to get a boost to these is with a giveaway.

I have and use the My Hikes. I first got mine off one of those deal sites and have since gotten a couple given to me, so I have surplus to share with my readers. I'm doing this giveaway on my own with nothing provided by the My Hikes people but I love supporting and promoting Mommy ideas and businesses.

Kids grow. When you buy clothes for them you can either buy them so that they fit 'right now' and replace them in a month or two, or you do what I do, and buy them a bit big and make them last as long as possible. Adjustable waistbands have been a savior in my place with my skinny kids, but what to do about pant legs that drag on the ground? You roll them up, they roll back down. You could hem and re-hem regularly, but really, who has the time.

My Hikes are perfect. Just fold up the pants and clip them on. Tada! And they stay. Kids grew overnight? No problem, just fold to a different place and put the clip on. So simple. Only a mom could have thought of this.

Forget to take them off? Seems to be no problem at my place. I've done this a few times and they survive the washer (they have not gone in the dryer yet so no promises there.) The picture above was taken just after they were removed from the pants that went through the washer.

 See, Corwyn's pants are nicely held up (and would be dry if he hadn't sat on the ground).

Nathan's pants are dragging and under his shoes, etc. I roll them up every 20 minutes or so when he notices them down again.

You can win the My Hikes pictured still in their original packaging on the left. The ones on the right have been used (and abused) regularly for over 6 months and still look great.

Now, you could go to the My Hikes website and buy a set or two for 19.99 each, or you could enter to get a set for free with a few simple steps. The giveaway is open World Wide. I already have the My Hikes and they are flat enough to send in a envelop and I love my followers from all over.

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