Monday, April 11, 2011

Progess of a sort

Before you ask, no, we are not currently potty training. BUT this is a huge step forward. Up until Saturday, neither boy would even consider sitting on the toilet(with or without the padded seat) or on the potty with no diaper on. For some reason on Saturday, when changing them, Nathan picked up the seat. So, I put it on the toilet, picked him up, expecting the usual arched back "don't you dare put me there" response only to be surprised that he wanted to sit. More than that, he was happy to sit there.

Now he wants to sit on it every diaper change (well, pretty much anytime he walks past the bathroom). So far, he hasn't peed in it. Once, within a couple of minutes of taking him off, he peed on the floor, so the connection still isn't there, but it will come in time.

Brushing teeth is his favorite pasttime while sitting there. Using my electric toothbrush is even more fun. His stuffed monkey has very clean "teeth". Happily most of the time, Corwyn is happy to bring him things to do, brush his own teeth, or just sit in the bathroom and hang.

We use cloth diapers and I know some people say it encourages potty training because kids don't like to be wet. Mine don't care. They are just as happy in a wet diaper as a dry one. I know they need to be changed and I'll ask if they want to, only to be met with a resounding "no" as they keep playing.  They do enjoy running around mostly naked though.

We've been watching The Potty DVD and have read the book a few times. I think the concept is starting back there somewhere. Both are showing interest when anyone goes to the bathroom.  I don't know when they will be ready. I don't know when I'll be ready. Once they are potty trained, then I can't take those extra few minutes to myself in the morning when they wakeup. How are we going to handle 3 people and 1 toilet during the training period when it can mean sitting on the potty for extended periods?

Any tips, hints and survival strategies out there?

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K J and the kids said...

Wow ! I agree....getting them to sit on the toilet is a HUGE deal.
After 5. MY only and best advice is....let them tell you when they are ready. You'll know....because they will go to the bathroom on the toilet. They will tell you when they need to go. and it will be easy.
With my first boys. 3 1/2. but hey...when they were ready to do it. They did it GREAT :)
Good luck.