Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wish me luck

We are giving up bottles completely today, cold turkey. At least that's the plan. A plan I came up with 15 minutes ago.

They only have bottles before our afternoon nap and before bed. Well, if anyone wakes up during the night, they can get a refill, but in general, its two each a day. Daytime is all about cups and sippy cups. I was planning to let them give them up on their own schedule. They stopped using soothers around 3-4 months on their own. They kept a morning nap until 19 months then, boom, gave it up (together, at the same time). So I thought they would do the same with the bottles.But they showed no sign of letting up.

Bottles get thrown, and it isn't empty, it will crack and break the collar for the nipple. I cant count how many Ive replaced. And now, the nipples keep getting replaced because they chew on them and they have holes.  Today they pushed the limit and no more bottles (I hope).

They were in cribs, diapers changed and getting ready to nap. Nathan pushed the nipple down in the bottle (his latest trick) and spilt the entire bottle in his crib. I moved him over to Corwyn's crib and started to change the sheets. He stole Corwyn's bottle. When Corwyn tried to get it back, he tossed it over the side onto the floor and broke the collar clean in two, sending the other full bottle of milk over the floor. Sigh. While hunting for a non-broken collar and non chewed nipple, I decided that enough was enough. No more bottles. I put some milk in a couple of no-spill sippy cups. And offered them. No go. The cups got tossed, the monkeys and blankets got tossed and the verbal protests began. I waited a minute, gave them back the monkeys blankets and cups. Cups were tossed before I could leave the room. I kept going. There was some crib banging and kicking, some more protesting but now, 15 minutes later, I think they are completely asleep. Wow. That was better than I thought.

One nap down. We have to see how it will go at bedtime and during the night. If we can make it through tonite and tomorrow then I'm not going to be worried that the nanny will break down during the week and give them one at nap time (although if it goes well enough, I will put them away). I'm going to have to make sure they get more milk during the day now.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I think I have some wine in the fridge that I may need to break into tonite.


Anonymous said...

could be a rough couple of nights but you can do it. I still keep up with your page.

K J and the kids said...

Good luck with whatever happens :)