Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm so in love

My boys are just wonderful. I love them more and more every day.

I was changing them after a nap today and was so moved because I realized again that they are my kids. Wow. I am so lucky.

These pictures were taken by a friend. He's not a professional photographer but could be if he wanted to be.

Just a reminder, today is the last day in the cans for comments campaign.


Anonymous said...

happy for you chris, they're handsome fellas!


K J and the kids said...

I can see why you are in love :)
Why don't you ever post pictures of you and the boys ?

I can definitely see the similarities and some differences. I'm going with fraternal-identicals :)

Selmada said...

I'm usually taking the pictures so not in them very often. My friend did take a couple of the three of us. I just havent gotten them yet (I only had a preview)
This weekend is our MoM groups Xmas. It includes pictures with Santa. I'll see if I end up in any of those.

Anonymous said...

They are so super handsome!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! They are sooooo beautiful!!!