Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Half a Year!

And since two halves make a whole, it's a year. Okay, so it's not, but what an incredible 6 months its been.

Let's see. As per a previous post, the boys are eating now. Dinner is going well. Corwyn loves veggies, any kinds (even strained peas). Nathan is a bit more reserved on the veggies taking a couple of times to start taking them willingly. Neither boy likes fruit at all. I've started breakfast solids yesterday. As with when we started dinner, they don't really care about it right now. They'd rather their morning milk. But we'll keep going and I'm sure they will get the idea.

Nathan is pretty much hitting all the 6 month milestones. He rolls over (has for weeks), can sit up for a bit and is really trying hard to crawl. Corwyn has better fine motor skills but I think will hit the gross motor ones closer to his corrected age. I'm more than okay with that. I'm already chasing one half naked baby across the bed in an effort to get him changed and dressed each morning.

My domperidone ran outa couple of days ago. My milk supply plummeted. I could go back to my Dr for another prescription, but I'm not sure. I never had enough for breast milk full time and I cant pump more than I do since they want me and I cant pump and hold a baby. I still have some milk and Nathan still nurses at night. I said I'd self wean so I'll keep pumping during the day, as much as I can, until Nathan gives up the night feed. Its been 6 months, I think that's a good start. Its a far cry from the breastfeeding until 2 that I hoped for when I was pregnant though. Sigh.

They are both growing really well. As of their last appointment, Nathan was off the chart for height! Corwyn came in at 97%. For weight, Nathan is 90% and Corwyn is 75th. They are tall and fairly lean. Nathan wears 9 month sleepers, but Corwyn should fit the 6 month for at least this month.

I still cant believe how fast the time is going by. Sometimes its seems so surreal. Its like a dream, a wonderful dream. I cant wait to see what the next 6 months hold.

Just a reminder, I'm still doing the cans for comments. I'll post a tally at the end.(See previous post for details)


Candice-MOTBITS said...

Your boys are beautiful! Aren't twins fun!!! (and exhausting :))
Here's a Can for a Comment, please visit my blog and comment too! I'm trying to get guest posts. Let me know if you have any ideas!

K J and the kids said...

I think you've done a FANTASTIC job. Look at those handsome round faces.
Donperidone is the BOMB. no ?!

Ok, they look so much alike. Can you get a picture of them both together or separate (same pose) looking at the camera so that I can really compare.

Donate that can girl !

Anonymous said...

They are incredibly handsome!!!

Kelly's runner said...

Keep those cans coming. Thank for participating :)