Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing boys

Okay, so its another video. But this one shows smiles. I cant wait for the camcorder to arrive. I think I'll go nuts with it. Airmile emailed me that it was shipped so within 2 weeks.

New baby groups started this week. I went to one of the nearby community centers today. I'll go to another, closer one tomorrow. There is another that could be considered walking distance, but its a bit further away so I wont go there. Anyway, I was able to weigh and measure the boys.
Corwyn is 23 inches, 13 pounds.
Nathan is a full 2 feet and 14 pounds.

They just keep growing and growing. I'm happy. They are still fed a mix of breast milk and formula. While I hold out hopes to produce enough milk someday, I've been nursing and pumping and suppliment for about 3 months now. I can keep it up until they no longer want to nurse if thats what it takes.

I keep getting asked if I think motherhood is all I hoped it would be. No, its not. It so much more, so much better, so totally incredible. I love it, I love them. I know it sounds corny, but really, they make me feel complete. I know not everyone wants to be a parent and I respect those who know it, but for me, this is so right. If there was anyway to swing it, I'd have more.


Jojobee said...

They are beautiful!

Glad to see you're still bf! I just stopped a week ago, but I wasn't bf, only pumping and they both got 1 bottle of 6oz, so I averaged 12-14oz a day. At least they got some and that's the main thing! It's so nice to be done pumping, but I wish I continued bf, I really do miss it... Maybe next time :)

As far as motherhood, I agree 100%! It's amazing! :)

The boys are sure growing! What little loves!

K J and the kids said...

Get those babies in the movies girl. They are just gorgeous. and they look so much alike they could totally double for each other.
Pay for their college education. :)

Anonymous said...

Being able to hear them is so exciting, it helps fill that void of not being there. Love their giggles. The way they look up at you with the camera is amazing. love u all

Anonymous said...

It's me jojobee, I've made my blog private, I'd love to add you to my blog list to continue reading: you can email me at: hopepof@hotmail.com

Dora said...

They're gorgeous! So happy for you!