Thursday, September 17, 2009

A couple new pics

They boys are looking more and more alike each day. I can't really afford to test them right now, so as long as I can tell them apart, I'm okay. I still find them easy to tell apart.
I'm likely going to start to pick up a few hours working from home in the evening (after they are asleep) next week. We'll see how it goes.
Yesterday, my friend and neighbor R made me an offer I couldnt refuse. While her son was napping in his stroller, she played mothers helper. It was wonderful. I was able to give Nathan a bath without having to wait until Corwyn was asleep. I got dishes done, laundry done and even changed the sheets. It was so nice. I'm still not ready to leave the boys with someone, but this I can handle. R and I are going to swap off doing this now and again. I'm also going to see about getting a paid mothers helper in a few hours a week, maybe someone who I would eventually feel comfortable enough to let babysit.
We're loving the local baby groups and story times. They are all free too. I may get one of the aformentioned helpers to come to the Friday group. Its "library time" and involves lots of songs, poems and actions with the babies. I need another set of hands until the boys can sit on their own.
As of last week, Nathan was 14 lbs, 24 inches. Corwyn is not far behind at 13lbs 23 inches.
Until next time, enjoy the cuteness...


K J and the kids said...

SO sweet. glad you got a break ! God bless our neighbors huh ? :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The boys DO look so much alike!! They are so beautiful!!

I'm confused why they couldn't tell if they were identical while you were still pg? They would have shared a sac or had their own little sac inside a big sac or most common... shared a placenta.

You could just have regular blood work done to see if they are the same blood type. that would tell you right away!!

They look great and growing fast!!! I can't believe they are almost 4 months old!!!!!!!!

Hug to you!!! Malinda