Monday, January 26, 2009

Belly Explosion

My belly didn't just grow, it exploded. I know it's going to get much larger before Thumper and Little Rascal finish growing.

These pictures were taken today at 17w6d. The whitish lines are stretch marks (most from weight gain/loss over the years), the darker ones just creases from where my pants were. There is a side and a front view. My hands are visible on the front view and while they arent big hands, the belly is so much bigger. No doubts anymore when anyone looks, I'm pregnant. although those who dont know its twins, assume I'm around 6 months or more.

My appointment with my family doctor (general practitioner) is next Monday. Wednesday is the anatomy scan. I'm not likely to post an update about either until my Doctor calls me about the scan. The earliest that would be is Thursday the 5th.

And they really must think I'm a low risk, dispite carrying twins from DE at 42 since I finally got booked into the OB - March 20th. I'll be 25w3d then.

I've registered for the local twin group. The next get together is this weekend. I may or may not go. I'll check with them to see if this is a good event for the still pregnant-with-twins group or more directed at those with kids running around (the Xmas one was a Santa and kids event)

For those who ask, I'm starting to do more research and putting together lists of what I'll need/want. I'm open to almost everything second hand. The exceptions are car seats (I have one) and the crib mattress(es). I think I'll also end up with a new jogging stroller. The good ones, that will last and I'll be able to use on long walks, and eventually jogging, last for years, so the ones for sale now are 3-5 years old and they still want almost 75-80% of the cost of a new one. Anyway, I'll put together a wish list and probably a registry at one point next month, although some of the things I'll want cant be 'registered' for (like the jogging stroller). And of course, I check craigslist daily and am hitting all the flea markets. Next up will be consignment stores.

Thanks to everyone for the great words of encouragement. I read all the comments and take them to heart. And to those who's blogs I read, thank you so much for sharing your experiences.


Jojobee said...

Glad things are going well. Your belly did pop! I know how you feel, although I think your belly is bigger than mine was at 17 weeks. You look great! :) Looking forward to hearing an update next month!

Anonymous said...

Just popped on before I go to my give my morning kiss yes you have sure popped. I am so happy for you. Waiting for the next up date. Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Looking Good, Sel!!!

The Studdard's Blog said...

Your belly looks similar to mine (I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow - twins). Just think how long we have left! Oh my. Can't wait to hear how your scans go. Keep us posted.

Stephanie (holliewood)

K J and the kids said...

25 weeks is way too late to be seeing your OB. If I were you I would consider looking at another OB. I was on bed rest at 28 weeks dilated to a 1 with my first set. Carried them to term, but who knows if my doctor wouldn't have been so involved.
I think I mentioned before....go online and buy the book, When you're expecting twins triplets or quads. It talks about what your doctors should be asking, doing, etc. It honestly is full of great information and I attribute it entirely for the length and size of my twins. both sets.

Looking good.