Friday, September 12, 2008

Would I want to know?

Some part of me wishes I could look into a crystal ball or some other way into the future to know if this cycle will work or not. But another part of me doesn't want to. If the crystal ball said I would have a BFN with this cycle, would I still go through with it? Is having the possibility of hope worth it? Would it be more or less painful to know now that failure is immenent than wait for it to happen?
Around 20 years ago, I went to a palm reader. She did a 'scientific' method and took one hand as your destiny at birth and the other as how it has changed. According to her, I was originally supposed to have 2 children but now I'm going to have none. A psychic about 10 years ago (I seem to only do this kind of thing every decade) told me that I would never have 'my own' children. She mentioned that there would be a child or children in my life but mentioned concepts like adoption or step-children. I wonder if DE would qualify? Since to me an adopted child would be 'my own' its clear I don't think within the same limited boundries of 'own children' as her. And still, how much credit should I put to a psychic or palm reader? Do I really beleive they are gifted or guessers? Is it really just for entertainment purposes?

Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone else been to psychic? Should I go again for an update (its been just over 10 years)?

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