Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I hab a code [snuffle, snuffle]

Around noon yesterday, I had a slightly sore throat (on one side) and minor stuffiness. I was torn. Part of me was hoping it was just an allergy (I get fall ones). Part of me was scared silly that this was a PMS symptom I sometimes get the day before AF shows herself (I would had freaked - getting AF less than a week before my U/S lining check would bench me this cycle). And part of me was a bit happy that it means my immunity has dropped a bit.

What you say? Huh? Reread it all you want, but it still says the same thing. I have a fairly strong immune system and an even stronger autoimmune system. My body is good at finding and killing anything it considers a thread (including developing embryos). One of the goals behind prednisone is to slightly lower my immune system and maybe keep the embryos safe. I'd say the lower immune system part is working. But now I'm at a quandary. I have a cold. Do I take immune boosters like echinecea or co.ld fx or extra vitamin c? Do I really want to boost the system I'm trying to compromise? And if so, how much? Will it be long enough for the prednisone to still have an effect? I really don't want a cold (ear or throat related) when I fly next week. Sigh.

The cold is really bad timing. It means I need to stay away from all my friends running half and full marathons this week or next (good luck all!) I really don't want to be the one who passed the virus onto them (of course, I'm quite sure I caught it from one of them as they are who I spent most of my weekend time socializing with). I also have the list of things to do before travel and all I want to do is sit in a hot tub, inhaling eucalyptus. I can't really take time off or work now either since I'm planning 2 weeks away. But if it's any worse tomorrow, I'll seriously consider working from home.

Time to go, have to find some more tissues.


Anonymous said...

Colds are going around everywhere, maybe it would be a good idea to take tomorrow off. Rest and plenty of fluids.

Anonymous said...

vitamin c probably would be a good compromise -- a little boost but not anything too strong.

Anonymous said...

Just drink lots of fluids and sleep lots. Eat lots of things high in Vit C but I would stay away from the pre-packaged stuff - get rid of the cold but do not boost your immune system is my call - anything to make sure the embryo's make it... not too worry I will shout at J for you - it was her - I know it was - J sniffled around me to and I was like oh no you didn't!