Friday, November 20, 2015

One BIG step down

It's not over but the longest step is over. I had my last chemo injection. I have to get through the 3 weeks of side-effects but the end is near.

In four weeks, just 8 days before the guy in the big red suit comes, I go in for a double mastectomy. While all surgery is scary, I'm looking forward to this one. This is where they actually cut the nasty tumor out! How much better does it get than that.

Then, 4 weeks after that I start radiation. Current mind set is daily for 5 weeks. It could go up to 6 or down to 4 but whatever, and end is in sight!!!!!

The boys are doing as well as can be expected for 6 year olds. They have up days and down days but since being off work, and after I came back from the hospital a second time, the energy normally spent at the office, is now spent on them in the evenings. This makes our time together easier and I think it's helping. It's not perfect and I expect them to get upset when I go for surgery but I'm hoping the excitement of Christmas can help offset some of it.

I'll try to post more. I have lots of thoughts and partially finished posts but none seem to make it up here.