Friday, September 19, 2014

Lovable Labels Spooktacular Weekend Sale

Guess what I'm finally doing?? Yup, labeling new thermoses and containers because my boys are finally starting kindergarten (see previous post about the strike). I'm soooooo happy I have Lovable Labels on hand. 

I will be ordering new labels soon because it hit me that while I suspect Corwyn will be the only one with his name in the whole school, let alone his class, Nathan will not. Our first name only labels are great for telling their things apart but I've had to add a label with our last name to Nathan's (which happily I have).

But enough about me and my love for these labels, I'm here to tell you about the big SALE this weekend. From today (Friday, September 19) until Sunday September 21 at 11:59 PM PST you can get $10 off any purchase of $25 or more!!! You need to use code SPOOKY2014 to get this deal.

What will you get? You can get the Back to School pack to ensure your kids come home with the containers, jackets and shoes that you send them with. But I think I'm going to be getting some of the limited Halloween sticker sets. 

There are 4 sets with options in each. 
The Halloween pack will allow you to look like a Pintrest mom with half the time. 
The Halloween Fun Stickies are a fun way to label things not just for the fall, but all year round to make them stand out. 
The Halloween Party Packs are one of my favorite. You can host a party and give loot bags without any extra sugary foods.
There are 3 new limited additions to Sweet Notes for Halloween. These are great if your child needs to send cards or write thank you notes. 
Get one, get them all!!!!

I still think you can never go wrong with the Back to School pack. Even if you've labeled this year's stuff, there will be more coming at Christmas to get labeled. These labels don't expire so use some now and keep the rest for the next thing. 

And if you have twins, there is even a split pack.  1 Large Value Pack, 1 Design, 2 Names. So many things to choose at a discount!

Remember, this deal is limited to this weekend only. Use SPOOKY2014 to get up to 40% off (10 off a 25 order).

If you happen to miss it, you can still get 10% off using my custom code ChrisFLB3. But I'd act now for a better deal.

Make sure you go to and check them out. 

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